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The tip of the Golden Dragon Spear struck the golden line to force it back, and at the same time, an indescribable aura erupted from Tang Wulin's body.

A resounding boom rang out as the golden line exploded, and countless spear projections also erupted at the same time.

Not only had Tang Wulin used his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion to destroy Yue Zhengyu's attack, he had also unleashed his Fury of the Masses.

Countless spear projections appeared in everyone's field of view before hurtling toward Yue Zhengyu, and a grim look appeared on his face as he spread open his three pairs of wings at the same time.

He slashed his golden holy sword slowly through the air, and his fifth soul ring also lit up.

Terrifying energy fluctuations instantly surged through the air as countless miniature angels appeared in the surrounding area. Each angel was gently flapping its wings while letting loose roars of fury, and countless bursts of golden holy light also appeared in the air. It was as if every single light element had been ignited before transforming into sharp needles that were hurtling toward Tang Wulin.

The Archangel's Fury!

This was his fifth soul skill, which was enhanced by his Holy Angel Descends and Holy Angel True Body.

Every single beam of angelic light struck Tang Wulin's spear projections with unerring accuracy to oppose his attack.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had encountered such strong opposition to his Fury of the Masses, and he was very pleased to see just how much Yue Zhengyu had grown.

It was also right at this moment that he caught sight of a flash of light from Yue Zhengyu's sixth soul ring. It only lit up for an instant, but Tang Wulin immediately sensed that there was something amiss.

A thunderous dragon's roar erupted from his mouth, and a massive golden dragon head appeared around his body.

This was his dragon's might combined with his Golden Dragon Roar!

All of the energy in the air suddenly stopped in that instant, and in the face of this devastating roar of fury, all of the spectating inner court disciples felt as if their hearts had almost stopped beating.

Right at this moment, one of the many tiny angels behind Tang Wulin suddenly expanded before adopting an identical form to Yue Zhengyu.

However, both this clone and Yue Zhengyu himself faltered for an instant in the face of the Golden Dragon Roar, and only after a split-second did the two of them charge toward Tang Wulin, one from behind, and the other in a full-frontal assault.

That instant of delay naturally significantly hampered the abrupt nature of the attack, and a faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he instantly withdrew his Fury of the Masses before he stomped his left foot onto the air below.

A violent explosion erupted, and a black hole suddenly appeared in mid-air beneath Tang Wulin's feet. The edge of the black hole was golden in color, and it resembled a violently rotati

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