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In contrast, Lan Muzi was already in his thirties and was in his prime; why hadn't the academy chosen him over Tang Wulin?

Even Lan Muzi himself was rather perplexed and a little hurt; it was simply an inevitable emotional response. He knew how much pressure the Sea God's Pavilion Master was subjected to, but as the oldest disciple of the inner court, it was impossible for him not to feel a little indignant, and he was also more than willing to shoulder this responsibility.

Hence, when Elder Long summoned everyone to spectate this battle, everyone had arrived on the scene without fail, including even the Holy Spirit Douluo. She had come to spectate the battle in case someone was injured. With her present, recovery was guaranteed unless someone were to die.

Elder Long's voice rang out across the entire drill ground. "On your marks. This is a battle with no rules, and the battle will end when one or both sides lose the ability to continue."

Tang Wulin took a glance over at Elder Long, and he understood that Elder Long had summoned everyone to spectate this battle to create an opportunity for him to stamp his authority. As such, this couldn't just be regarded as a normal sparring match.


As soon as Long Yeyue gave the signal, seven soul rings instantly emerged from beneath Yue Zhengyu's feet. What was quite astonishing to everyone was that his seven soul rings were all golden! Tang Wulin could tell that he was using the disguise technique he had learned from the demonic island to prevent others from being able to glean his true soul ring configuration.

Not only did his soul rings appear, dazzling golden light also erupted from his body, and the rich light elements that he was releasing made him resemble a miniature scintillating sun.

What powerful light elements!

All of the inner court disciples were rooted to the spot.

At this point, Wu Siduo and the others had also been brought over to the Tang Sect headquarters. They were also inner court disciples, so they were also going to be cultivating here from now on, and they were also preparing to set off for the demonic island.

Their expressions had also changed slightly as they sensed the powerful light elements radiating from Yue Zhengyu's body.

He appeared to only be a Soul Sage, but even without using his suit of battle armor, he was already releasing energy fluctuations that were far more powerful than the average Soul Sage was capable of.

Yue Zhengyu was bathed in a sea of light as he said to Tang Wulin, "You better be careful, Boss; I'm not the same person I once was."

He then sprang into action as he spoke, raising his hand to bring a beam of golden light crashing down onto Tang Wulin from above.

Tang Wulin had been struck by a burst of holy light, even though none of Yue Zhengyu's soul rings had lit up.

At the same time, the light radiating from Yue Zhengyu's body became even brighter, and a huge projection surfaced behin

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