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"Who are you and what business do you have here?" one of the young men asked in a serious voice.

The current Tang Sect received very few visitors, and even though the federation hadn't released any new policies that targeted the Tang Sect, all of the major powers knew why the sect was falling into obscurity. Thus, the Tang Sect naturally received fewer and fewer visitors. On this day, Tang Wulin had disguised himself into a middle-aged man in his forties who was extremely mundane in terms of height, figure, and appearance.

"I'm here to discuss a business deal. The heartless one denies his innermost feelings, while the amorous one is left to rue what could've been," Tang Wulin replied with a smile.

Surprised looks flashed through both of the young men's eyes upon hearing this. The one who had just spoken made an inviting hand gesture toward Tang Wulin, and said, "Please come with me."

He then led Tang Wulin further into the branch.

Meanwhile, in a completely nondescript house not far away from the Tang Sect headquarters.

In direct contrast to the mundane exterior of the house, the interior was like a scene straight out of a science-fiction world, and it was filled with all types of complex and intricate devices.

"Who is that?" There were three people in the room who were staring at a screen.

If Tang Wulin were present, he would've definitely been able to identify that the images being depicted on the screen were none other than those of the courtyard within the Tang Sect headquarters. The images were shot from a bird's-eye perspective, but they were extremely clear.

"I don't know; I've never seen this man before, so he's most likely not a member of the Tang Sect. He seems really ordinary, but he's so ordinary that I can't help but be suspicious. Should we report this to the higher-ups?"

"Don't be so quick to jump to conclusions; let's keep observing first."

"It's going to be very hard for us to continue to observe him after he enters the building, though. The Tang Sect has internal masking systems, and we've tried to infiltrate the building many times to install surveillance devices, all to no avail."

"Activate the thermal imaging analysis device and analyze him before he enters the building," a middle-aged man who was sitting at the center of the trio instructed.


The other two people in the room immediately sprang into action, and Tang Wulin's body began to turn red on the screen, clearly being viewed through thermal imaging devices.

"His blood essence is significantly more powerful than a normal person, and his heartbeat is quite strong. It's beating around 45 times a minute, which is on par with that of a very healthy human. He's not releasing any soul power fluctuations, and his spiritual fluctuations are also within the normal range. It feels like he's nothing more than a normal person who exercises regularly."

"Alright, keep observing him, then," the middle-aged man ins

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