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Forging the metals required for the suits of three-word battle armor for Wu Siduo and the others would provide him with further soul refinement practice.

Tang Wulin turned to Yang Nianxia, and said, "I'll take care of your suits of battle armor, but you'll have to forge the metals for all of the other students' suits of battle armor. You're already a fifth-rank blacksmith now, and there's no way for you to improve other than to practice more. I'll provide you with the metals required for that."

"Sure!" Yang Nianxia was ecstatic. He was certainly hoping that he would be able to refine the metals for his own future suits of battle armor. Even though that appeared to be quite a far-fetched goal, he still had a passion for forging, so it was naturally fantastic news to him that Tang Wulin was able to provide him with the uncommon metals for him to practice on. A major factor behind his stalling forging progress was the lack of sufficient resources. The academy sanctuary only had some basic daily necessities, but was sorely lacking when it came to forging resources.

After grasping everyone's requirements, Tang Wulin left the underground sanctuary and returned to the surface.

Long Yuxue had been waiting for him this entire time, and when she saw Tang Wulin again, she could clearly sense that there was something different about him. The brooding look deep in his eyes had disappeared, and he seemed to be filled to the brim with excitement.

The discovery that Teacher Wu was still alive along with 215 other Shrek Academy students naturally instilled Tang Wulin with extreme excitement, not just because it would make the future rebuild of Shrek Academy easier, but simply because they were alive! Only after enduring a life and death ordeal would one truly be able to understand just how lucky they were to be alive.

After returning to the blacksmith association, Tang Wulin was still in a state of high excitement as he returned directly to his room before dialing a number on his soul communicator.

"How long will you take to get here?"

After receiving a reply, Tang Wulin continued, "Alright, I'll wait for you, and I have some good news for all of you when you get here."

After that, he dialed a few more numbers and repeated the same conversation.

The first step on the monumental journey of rebuilding Shrek Academy had finally been taken, and during the next few days, Tang Wulin dedicated himself wholeheartedly to forging, and perhaps he was lifted by his good mood, but his soul refinement success rate was becoming higher and higher.

The soul refined metals he forged for Wu Siduo and the others were not as difficult as the metals forged for his own suit of three-word battle armor, and even the most difficult metals, which were for Wu Siduo, only consisted of soul refining alloys consisting of four different types of metals. In contrast, Tang Wulin's battle armor consisted of alloys forged from eight different types of m

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