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The black light leaped back and performed a graceful somersault before its paws landed on the ground in a completely soundless manner. One of its eyes was blue while the other was green, and both of them were locked firmly on the golden figure up ahead in a vicious manner.

This naturally wasn't an actual cat; there were virtually no feline soul beasts that could cultivate to such a powerful level. As such, it had to be a martial soul true body!

A seven-ring Soul Sage with such immense power was naturally able to dominate Long Yuxue, who was only a Soul Emperor.

The one who had just shielded Long Yuxue was naturally none other than Tang Wulin, and at this moment, he was staring intently at the black cat through narrowed eyes, and his arms were spread open by his sides as faint golden light swirled around his body.

"Yuxue, get in the car," Tang Wulin instructed in a grim voice.

"Alright." Long Yuxue had been comprehensively dominated by her opponent throughout this battle, and that was even after she had released her suit of two-word battle armor while her opponent had refrained from doing so. This meant that her opponent was dominating her through her martial soul true body alone. Just how powerful was she?

One had to realize that with her Soul Emperor cultivation rank coupled with her suit of two-word battle armor, her combat prowess was comparable to that of an eight-ring Soul Douluo!

The black cat merely paused momentarily before pouncing toward Tang Wulin like lightning. Its two front paws instantly conjured up countless claw projections, making it impossible for Tang Wulin to clearly identify the trajectory of her attack. All he could sense was that he seemed to be under attack from all sides.

The cat claws were extremely sharp and shimmered like sharp blades.

Tang Wulin let loose a low cry before stepping forward with his left foot, then launching his right fist through the air. There was no technique involved; he was merely using his absolute strength to combat his opponent.

In the face of this extraordinarily fast agility attack system Soul Master, Tang Wulin had no intention of engaging her in a contest of speed. At the same time, he was very confident in the Body Sect's congenital secret method that he had begun to master. In a direct clash, he was confident that his opponent wouldn't be able to harm him.

She had countless claws, while he only had a single fist. Tang Wulin's punch seemed to be completely mundane and ordinary, but to the black cat, it felt as if his fist were a devastating shooting star, and the fearsome pressure it was releasing was causing even her soul to tremble in fear.

Its claws may not be able to defeat its opponent, but it had no doubt in its mind that it would definitely die a very terrible death if it were to be struck by that punch.

As such, in this critical situation, the black cat suddenly withdrew its claws before performing a somersault in an extremely l

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