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She still couldn't ascertain what Tang Wulin's exact cultivation rank was, but the fact of the matter was that he had defeated four mechas with his physical strength alone, so no matter what his martial soul was, he certainly wasn't someone to be scoffed at.

Mo Lan was well aware of how sensitive Tang Wulin's current identity was, so she didn't tell anyone that Tang Wulin was a past Shrek Academy disciple. As such, Little Bai was oblivious to all of this. All she knew was this was a powerful guy, more so than she had imagined, and that he seemed to be a decent opponent.

Tang Wulin returned to Mo Lan's side in a very natural manner before giving her a reassuring smile. He then stood beside her in an innocent manner, as if he hadn't been the one who had just destroyed those four mechas.

The police force converged onto the scene, and they were far less well equipped than the soldiers from before. Even so, they represented the law and order of the entire Bright City, so their presence still had great symbolic importance.

All of the police officers were given a fright at the sight of the four demolished military mechas. Soon, a high-ranking police officer caught sight of Mo Lan, and he quickly rushed over. "Are you alright, Ms. Mo Lan? What happened here?"

Mo Lan appraised him with a cold and enraged expression as she replied, "These soldiers barged into this cafe to detain a so-called criminal suspect under broad daylight without any arrest warrants! On top of that, they used military weaponry to threaten the general public, and they even deployed these mechas in the end! All I want to ask is, who gave them the right to do this? Are taxpayers paying for their weapons so they can turn around and aim those weapons at the very hands that feed them? The unruly actions of the military have already posed a threat to the harmony of the entire federation, and I demand that you launch an exhaustive investigation into this!"

Sweat immediately began to appear on the forehead of the police officer. It was quite clear that a major incident had just taken place, and Mo Lan's demands made his job even more difficult.

He was naturally aware of the fact that Mo Lan was a Dove Faction representative, and that even though she was quite young, she was already an extremely well-respected and supported figure in the Dove Faction. She had a strong sense of justice to begin with, and following the deaths of all of her loved ones from the Holy Spirit Cult terrorist attack, she no longer had qualms or inhibitions. As such, following the parliamentary reform, she had led from the front during multiple clashes with the Eagle Faction, garnering extensive support from veteran parliament members of the Dove Faction in the process.

However, the other side was not someone that he could mess with, either! This was the military that they were talking about here! How could a mere police force stand up against the might of the military? If he couldn't a

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