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"You..." Long Yuxue was extremely furious and indignant as she yelled, "I wasn't trying to attract your attention! I, I can't swim..."

Indeed, she had lived all her life on a snowy mountain, so it only made sense that she couldn't swim. In her desperation to "save" Tang Wulin, she had forgotten about her own inability to swim and also jumped into the lake. Only in the instant before she hit the water did she recall the fact that she couldn't even swim, upon which she began to flail in a panicked manner.

She attempted to activate her own soul power to help her struggle out of the water, but water was completely formless, so the more she struggled, the more prone she became to drowning. In her blind panic, she was forced to gulp down quite a few mouthfuls of water, and the more she struggled, the more panicked she became.

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "Are you not a two-word battle armor master? Didn't it occur to you that you could use your wings to fly?"

"Er..." Long Yuxue was left rather stumped. Indeed, she could've flown out of the water!

"Your IQ is quite concerning," Tang Wulin sighed in a resigned manner as he flew out the water with Long Yuxue in tow, then landed on the shore.

Long Yuxue was currently completely soaked, and her clothes clung tightly to her body, revealing the full extent of her beautiful curves. She was immediately very embarrassed by this, and exclaimed, "Don't look at me! Turn around!"

Tang Wulin could only do as he was told in a resigned manner before pondering the situation surrounding the Sea God's Lake.

If he wanted to gather all of Shrek Academy's supporters to rebuild the academy, then this would be the ideal place to facilitate the rebuild. After all, this was the only place that gave everyone a sense of belonging.

However, Shrek City had now been reduced to this massive lake, so it would be impossible to rebuild everything on the original site. As such, everything could only be rebuilt on the shore of the lake. Even if the costs required weren't taken into account for now, just this radiation-filled Sea God's Lake alone posed a massive headache. If he couldn't resolve this issue, then all of the surrounding sources of water would also be corrupted by the radiation. Without a sufficient supply of water, how was he supposed to rebuild Shrek City?

With that in mind, a thought occurred to Tang Wulin, and pink light flashed from his body, following which a figure emerged beside him. It was none other than the Beautiful Silk Tulip.

"Brother Luo." Tang Wulin turned toward the Beautiful Silk Tulip.

The Beautiful Silk Tulip mused, "I can sense the problem that you're facing, and it's indeed quite a troublesome one. The radiation in this lake is extremely strong, and it seems to only be stronger the deeper you go. This was left behind by the explosion that had taken place, and I don't know what this Godslayer missile that you're thinking of is, but it's definit

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