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After reaching the third Mustard Seed level, Tang Wulin was already able to control his own spiritual power as if it were an extension of his own body. At the same time, he was able to see extremely minute things with his eyes.

At this moment, his Purple Demon Eyes spiritual power was gushing forth at full force and almost instantly enveloped the entire piece of metal. Faint light began to emanate from the surface of the Goldwater Consonance, and in the face of the external stimulus from his Purple Demon Eyes, it began to emit a buzzing sound. All of a sudden, brilliant blue and golden light erupted, illuminating the entire forging room into the same two colors.

Tang Wulin raised both of his hands at the same time, and his pair of soul refined Heavy Silver Hammers appeared. From a material perspective, these forging hammers definitely weren't exceptional; heavy silver was one of the most ordinary types of uncommon metals.

However, these Heavy Silver Hammers had been with him ever since he had first begun his forging journey, and he had refined them with his own blood, so it could be said that they were connected to him both in heart and in spirit. They had improved alongside him and were the forging hammers that had the greatest synergy with him.

Gentle light was emitting from the surfaces of the two hammers, and it was as if the heavy silver had sprung to life. Tang Wulin didn't even bother to calcine the piece of Goldwater Consonance before his Heavy Silver Hammers came crashing down toward it.

"Clang, clang!"

The Heavy Silver Hammers struck the Goldwater Consonance, and the blue and golden light emanating from the piece of metal instantly brightened even further, striking the onlooker with a sense of disorientation.

The Heavy Silver Hammers in Tang Wulin's hands also lit up in the instant that they came into contact with the piece of metal, dazzling with scintillating light while releasing a high and mighty sense of pressure.

In essence, heavy silver wasn't a metal of the same caliber as Goldwater Consonance. In fact, there was a massive disparity between the levels the two metals were on. However, Tang Wulin's Heavy Silver Hammers had already been soul refined, and they were able to instantly exert superiority over the Goldwater Consonance.

His Heavy Silver Hammers fell one after another in a profound manner, and under the illumination of the hammers' silver light, as well as the effect of Tang Wulin's spiritual power, the blue and golden light emanating from the Goldwater Consonance faltered slightly.

"Rotate!" Tang Wulin abruptly roared, and in that instant, even Zhen Hua and Mu Chen's hearts jolted in response. It was as if the blood within their bodies had begun to circulate in a much more violent manner.

Both of them possessed soul cores, and the soul power around their soul cores abruptly began to circulate in a frenzied manner as well, causing a layer of faint soul power light to emanate fr

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