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Zhen Hua's lips twitched as he turned to Mu Chen. "So this is how you teach your disciple? Forging is an art; how could you allow him to become such a violent blacksmith?"

Mu Chen chuckled, "You have to admit that his violent methods are very effective, aren't they? He's making up for his shortcomings in technique and experience with his own unique advantages; you can only commend him for being extremely intelligent in the way he goes about his forging. The blood sacrifice that he offered earlier was a preparatory measure for the subsequent stages of his forging."

Indeed, Mu Chen was right; Tang Wulin had already made preparations for the rest of this forging process during his blood sacrifice. The main effect of the blood sacrifice was its ability to perfectly fuse his own bloodline power with the Goldwater Consonance, and that was an extremely important opportunity.

Tang Wulin wasn't at an eighth-rank blacksmith yet, but through this type of method, the effect of the soul refinement he completed was far superior even to that completed by the average eighth-rank blacksmith.

To put it in simpler terms, he was treating this Goldwater Consonance as a part of himself during this forging process. The Goldwater Consonance that he forged was perfectly integrated with his own Golden Dragon King bloodline, thereby bestowing upon the metal some of the special characteristics of his bloodline. As such, it could be said that Tang Wulin was giving the metal a part of himself while also bestowing intelligence upon it. As such, his synergy with this piece of metal would be heightened, and of course, it could only ever be used by him.

Tang Wulin had already formulated this plan when he first caught sight of this piece of Goldwater Consonance, and he was merely enacting his plan now.

His initially heavy and rapid hammer blows gradually became more gentle, and as he kneaded his own Golden Dragon King aura into the piece of metal, Tang Wulin became completely immersed in his communication with the Goldwater Consonance.

The Goldwater Consonance was like an extremely adorable and energetic newborn baby, and it continued to grow in response to Tang Wulin's forging and injections of energy. From an infant, it grew to become a child, then a young boy, and finally a young man.

In the end, Tang Wulin was even struck by the feeling that he and this piece of Goldwater Consonance were one and the same. They were connected by bloodline, and there was nothing separating the two of them.

The scales on his body gradually began to undergo a transformation, and specks of light emerged from his joints. His body also began to grow taller and broader as he released his Dragon Moon battle armor.

His aura swelled once again, and the Great-Beast-like aura fluctuations erupting from his body struck even Zhen Hua and Mu Chen with a slight sense of asphyxiation. He had truly grown up and was now a force to be reckoned with!

As his shimmering g

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