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"Captain, it's him!" Right at this moment, the other purple mecha suddenly raised a hand and pointed at Tang Wulin.

Tang Zihao immediately made a decision, and yelled, "Get him!"

The purple mecha beside him raised its soul cannon and immediately unleashed a cannon blast. A ball of light shot forth out of the barrel before quickly exploding, forming a lightning-net-like attack that hurtled directly toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin stepped forward to shield Mo Lan behind him. Sure enough, they really were targeting him. He had only just arrived at Bright City, so who could possibly be plotting against him? There definitely wasn't an issue in the Tang Sect. If there were a spy in the Tang Sect, they would be aware that he would be with a federal parliament member, and they definitely wouldn't deploy military units to try and capture him under broad daylight. If the problem hadn't arisen in the Tang Sect, then could it be...

The inebriated woman from the night before instantly surfaced in his mind.

He lashed out with a direct and simple fist.

A dull boom immediately rang out in the air, and he didn't use any skills or abilities; it was just an ordinary punch.

However, the lightning net seemed to have encountered some kind of barrier in the face of his punch, and it was instantly stopped before fizzling out into nothingness.

"How dare you!" Mo Lan was both alarmed and enraged at the same time.

Meanwhile, Little Bai didn't do anything. Her duty was to protect Mo Lan, and she wasn't required to protect anyone else. Furthermore, Tang Wulin had taken care of a bunch of soldiers so easily in the cafe earlier, and she also wanted to see just what he was capable of.

Two massive claymores crashed down toward Tang Wulin from both sides almost in complete unison; the two yellow mechas had also sprung into action. Tang Zihao aimed his soul cannon toward Tang Wulin, and his thought process was very simple; all he had to do was capture Tang Wulin as quickly as possible, and his higher-ups would take care of all of the resulting repercussions.

Thus, all four mechas attacked Tang Wulin at once, both from long range and at close quarters. The fact that they were mecha pilots in Bright City indicated that they were definitely all elite military soldiers, and they were extremely adept both in power and battle tactics. They were clearly more powerful than mecha pilots of the same level, but they had no idea what kind of opponent they were facing.

This was the Dual Champion King of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, also known as Golden Dragon King. He was touted as the most powerful being of the younger generation, and was the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters!

"Clang, clang!" The air seemed to have congealed as soon as the two claymores fell. All four mecha pilots were completely stunned by what they were seeing.

In the face of the two oncoming claymores, Tang Wulin didn't release his martial soul, no

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