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Wu Siduo explained as she walked, "The sanctuary is situated 300 meters beneath the ground, and it was designed specifically to be able to defend against powerful soul weapons. It was completed 3,000 years ago, and at around 200 meters beneath the ground, is where the first layer of concrete mixed with alloys lies. There are several dozens of these layers, so even the explosion of a Godslayer missile won't be able to affect the interior of the sanctuary. The sanctuary is actually large enough to house more people, but the attack was too abrupt, and without the sacrifice of the teachers, the protective barrier wouldn't have lasted until all of us could enter the sanctuary.

"The elevator leading to the sanctuary also has a limited capacity, and that was why we suffered so many deaths. Following the explosion, we had no idea what the situation was like on the surface, and it was Teacher Wu who used the facilities inside the sanctuary to gradually dig upward, thereby creating this exit. However, this isn't the only exit; there's also another exit further away. The forefathers of our academy prepared these emergency measures well in advance, and it was what saved all 216 of us."

Only after descending for over 100 meters did the terrain begin to flatten, and at this point, Tang Wulin could already see the aforementioned layers of concrete and alloys.

This was quite a stunning sight to behold, and it would indeed be able to stand up against even the most powerful modern weapons. The forefathers of Shrek Academy had used their wisdom and foresight to give those of the present generation an opportunity for survival.

"Wu Siduo?" Right at this moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded up ahead.

However, the voice quickly became rather tense and wary. "Who's that with you? Why do I hear two sets of footsteps?"

Soul power fluctuations erupted as the voice rang out, and a massive black scythe abruptly appeared before slashing directly toward Tang Wulin.

Wu Siduo merely smiled and didn't say anything. A slightly resigned look appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and golden light flashed as his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his right hand before blocking the inky-black scythe amid a crisp clang.

"It's me, Xu Yucheng!"

The familiar voice and the giant scythe naturally belonged to none other than Xu Yucheng.

In the dark corner, a figure flashed, and Xu Yucheng appeared before Tang Wulin and Wu Siduo before being completely rooted to the spot at the sight of the former. He then rubbed his own eyes vigorously, and his dumbfounded expression coupled with his cold features presented a rather comical contrast.

Following the passage of a year, Xu Yucheng was clearly more mature than before, but his disposition had also become even colder.

As he stared at Tang Wulin, he instantly withdrew his scythe, and exclaimed, "You, you're still alive?"

Tang Wulin nodded firmly before striding forward and giving him a massive hug.

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