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This was downright terrifying! He had only ever experienced this feeling before in the presence of the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo, and it felt to him that Tang Wulin had fused even more completely into the surrounding area than those two Limit Douluos could. This entailed that he had a deeper understanding of the secrets and order of this world.

How could a young man in his twenties possibly have developed such an in-depth understanding of the entire plane?

Of course, Tang Wulin hadn't actually achieved this, and nor did he need to work toward this goal. He had been blessed by the ruler of the plane, so he was naturally able to reach this level without having to make any effort, and that was his biggest advantage.

Li Yun took a deep breath and began to stand guard beside Tang Wulin. He didn't know what Tang Wulin was searching for, but he firmly believed that with his level of spiritual power, there was no way that he was just an ordinary Soul Sage. It was no wonder that he was able to become the current sect master. It was downright preposterous to consider that someone could reach the Spirit Domain realm in their twenties! At the very least, he had never heard of anyone like this.

He was even more stunned by Tang Wulin's spiritual power than when he had learned that Tang Wulin was both the Tang Sect Master and the Sea God's Pavilion Master. After all, in the world of Soul Masters, power reigned supreme.

Tang Wulin's spiritual power quickly encompassed the entire hotel before spreading into the distance, scouring through the entire surrounding area and searching for those familiar auras.

He was confident that with the bloodline connection he shared with his parents, he would be able to find them, even though they had been apart for over 10 years. This hotel was already very close to where the Spirit Pagoda was situated, so he would definitely be able to sense the presence of his parents as long as they were in this branch of the Spirit Pagoda.

Time passed by slowly, and Tang Wulin's spiritual power finally reached its limit after encompassing an area with a diameter of over 10 kilometers. This was the extent of his sensory range, and keeping this up was extremely taxing for both his brain and mind, so he wouldn't be able to keep this up for long.

However, he still hadn't detected his parents' auras, nor could he sense any bloodline connections. How could this be? Could it be that Teacher Mang Tian had been mistaken?

When he opened his eyes again, his gaze was tinged with a hint of exhaustion and resignation.

If they weren't in Spirit Wave City, then searching for his parents on this continent would be like searching for a needle in a haystack!

On top of that, he couldn't contact Mang Tian here, so he wouldn't be able to secure any further useful information. Prior to coming here, Tang Wulin had already confirmed the information he had with Mang Tian on multiple occasions, but all of his

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