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They were Tang Wulin's most important trump cards, and he hadn't even revealed them when he was being abducted by Na Nali. However, in order to rescue his parents, he had summoned these Great Beasts to aid him.

A golden visor appeared over his face, and he handed his father over to the Beautiful Silk Tulip. Meanwhile, the Delicate Inferno Apricot Flower and the other Great Beasts carried Lang and the three other panicked women with her out of the room.

Tang Wulin's eyes were filled with unbridled fury, and his palpable killing intent was emanating from his body. He held onto his Golden Dragon Spear and strode out of the room. He had a spiritual connection with the Beautiful Silk Tulip, so he could constantly monitor Tang Ziran's condition while the Beautiful Silk Tulip used its energy as an immortal plant to nourish his body.

Tang Wulin charged out of the room, and at this point, blaring sirens had already rung out across the entire level.

As soon as Tang Wulin emerged, he was greeted by a series of soul lasers, and it was at this moment that he displayed his prowess on the battlefield.

He activated his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body and stomped his right foot onto the ground without taking any evasive measures. A series of golden dragon's rose up before revolving around him, keeping all of the oncoming attacks at bay.

Meanwhile, Bluesilver Emperor vines intertwined to form a protective barrier that shielded everyone behind him. At the same time, countless spear projections erupted from his Golden Dragon Spear, and all of the weapons that had appeared from the ceiling and the walls were destroyed.

In the distance, one guard after another appeared, and all of them began to attack Tang Wulin from afar with their soul weapons. Tang Wulin's third golden soul ring lit up, and a Golden Dragon Roar erupted alongside his dragon's might. Amid the thunderous roar of fury, large swathes of Spirit Pagoda Soul Masters were felled like wheat in a harvest.

After attaining a spiritual domain, Tang Wulin's spiritual power had improved even further, and there was no way that these low and mid-grade Soul Masters would be able to withstand his Golden Dragon Roar.

After all, this was only the Dou Spirit Empire and not the Douluo Federation. They charged headfirst into the elevator, and at this point, it had already been disabled, thereby making it inaccessible.

Tang Wulin put away his Golden Dragon Spear before tearing through the wall with his golden dragon claws, forcibly plowing open a passageway through the earth.

Yellow light emanated from his Mountain Dragon King torso bone, and the earth parted for him as they rapidly ascended in a diagonally upward direction.

His heart was burning up with urgency, and he had no time for subtlety. Nothing was more important now than his father's life. The sooner they could reach the Holy Spirit Douluo, the greater the chances of his father's survival.

The entire Spirit Pagoda ha

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