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He was headstrong and stoic, and even back when they were passionately in love with one another, he was never capable of saying anything romantic to convey his feelings. She was unable to believe her own ears. Was this really something that Chen Xinjie was capable of saying? Was this really him?

Chen Xinjie looked on at her slack-jawed expression, and he strode toward her in an urgent manner. "Do you not believe me? I mean every single word I just said. In the instant that I heard that Shrek Academy had been destroyed, my first thought was that if I were given a chance to do everything again, I would lay down all my pride and love you with all my heart, but I knew that there was no redo button in life. However, at the height of my despair, the heavens brought you back to me and gave me another chance. I've already missed out on a life with you for over 100 years; I can't pass up this opportunity no matter what.

"Even if you no longer love me, I'll cling to you like gum on the bottom of your shoe. Wait for me here, I'll go back to the control center and retire right away, and after that, I'll go wherever you want with you. Wherever you go, I'll be by your side."

Chen Xinjie then immediately turned to leave.

Long Yeyue reflexively yelled, "Stop!"

Chen Xinjie immediately did as he was told before turning back toward her, following which an enlightened look appeared on his face. "You're right, I can't go on my own."

He hurriedly returned to Long Yeyue's side before latching onto her hand. "Come with me. I'll never part with you ever again."

"Let go of me!" Long Yeyue struggled free from Chen Xinjie's hand in an indignant manner, and exclaimed, "You're an old man; have you no shame?"

Chen Xinjie smiled in response. "You're right, I'm an old man, so why would I feel any shame? I've already wasted 100 years of my life. From the instant that I realized what was important to me, everything else paled into insignificance. Do you think the social norms of the world can still bind us? I'm the Boundless Ocean Douluo, and you're the Light Dark Douluo; no one can stop us, and there's no way I'm letting you leave my side."

Long Yeyue was at a loss for words. Her fury toward Zang Xin had already completely disappeared, and she was even feeling a hint of gratitude toward him.

If she hadn't come here today, she would've never met this completely new and different Chen Xinjie. However, she discovered that after hearing his confession, she couldn't bring herself to tell him the purpose of her visit as she didn't want to use someone who had just made the epiphany of his life and was in such an emotionally vulnerable state. She couldn't use their relationship as leverage. She would rather see the same old stoic and dogmatic Chen Xinjie, and even fighting him here and now would be easier for her to deal with than this current situation.

In the face of this Chen Xinjie, she was at a complete loss for what to do.

"I'm leav

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