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Hua Tao possessed rank 96 soul power, which was only slightly inferior to that of Li Yun. Furthermore, he possessed an extremely rare martial soul in the form of air control, which allowed him to battle through air manipulation. Not only did he possess extremely powerful combat prowess, he was also an assault and control system Soul Master. His control over air had been honed to near perfection, and his signature attacks included the likes of Air Cannon and Air Bind.

What he had just used was another one of his soul skills, Air Repulse, except he had used it on himself, rather than his opponent as he normally would. He was blasting himself back in order to forcibly evade Tang Wulin's attack, and Li Yun was extremely astonished to see this, precisely because he was aware of just how powerful Hua Tao was.

This young Tang Sect Master truly was something else! However, their original plan didn't involve directly combating the Spirit Pagoda; could it be that he was planning to destroy this Spirit Pagoda branch?

Regardless of how much the Dou Spirit Empire disliked them, this was still the Spirit Pagoda! They needed the Spirit Pagoda to provide the Soul Masters of their empire with sufficient soul spirits to support their cultivation.

If the Spirit Pagoda were to be destroyed, then the ramifications were certainly going to be far from minor!

He didn't know what had caused Tang Wulin to go berserk like this, but he was powerless to do anything in this situation. All he could do was look on as everything unfolded before his eyes, and do his best to minimize the role that the Tang Sect played in this incident. At the very least, he couldn't allow any members of the Tang Sect to appear on the scene. It seemed that Tang Wulin and his friends were doing quite well on their own anyway, so that wouldn't be an issue.

In reality, this battle was a very satisfying one for Li Yun to behold. He had held a grudge against the Spirit Pagoda for a long time, and his discontent toward them had reached a boiling point following the bombing of the Tang Sect headquarters.

Now that Tang Wulin and his friends were laying waste to the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, he was struck by a sense of vindictive satisfaction.

At this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly became even more fearsome. His body expanded even further, and a massive golden dragon tail appeared behind him. The enormous tail swept horizontally through the air, sending a pair of mechas flying with devastating force.

A pair of dragon horns then sprouted out of his head as he let loose a painful roar. This didn't seem to be his martial soul true body. Instead, it was as if his body were truly morphing into that of a dragon.

Following the emergence of the dragon horns, Tang Wulin's aura became extremely unstable and violent to the extreme. His eyes were completely of a bright red color, and there seemed to be boundless violent intent struggling to erupt out of his body.

He turned t

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