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Li Yun had also figured out what Xie Xie was implying at this point, and he asked, "Sect Master, are you related to Shrek Academy as well?"

Xie Xie explained, "The man you're looking at is not just the Tang Sect Master, but also the leader of the current Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and the Sea God's Pavilion Master. He's not just a representative for the Tang Sect, but also for Shrek Academy. The academy may have been destroyed, but I'm sure that all three continents have to acknowledge our status."

Li Yun was quite stunned to hear this, and he couldn't help but see Tang Wulin through new eyes. The Sea God's Pavilion Master was someone who ranked alongside the Tang Sect's Douluo Palace Master, and the last Sea God's Pavilion Master, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming, was widely regarded as the most powerful being on the entire continent. Just how impressive was this young man to have obtained the approval of both Yun Ming and the Tang Sect?

"Yun, do you still recognize me?" All of a sudden, a person sitting in the back wearing a baggy hooded cloak suddenly drew back the hood, revealing a set of exquisitely beautiful facial features and a head of white hair.

All of the people from the Tang Sect's Dou Spirit Empire branches were momentarily stunned at the sight of her. She was simply too beautiful, and the color of her hair was very striking as well.

Li Yun's expression stiffened upon seeing her, following which an incredulous look appeared in his eyes, and his voice began to tremble as he said, "You, you're the Holy Spirit Douluo?"

"That's right," a faint smile appeared on Ya Li's face as she replied, "Xie Xie is telling the truth; Wulin is not just the Tang Sect Master, he's also our Sea God's Pavilion Master. I can vouch for him."

Li Yun suddenly rose to his feet in a slightly frantic manner before hurriedly making his way over to Yali, then falling to one knee. "Li Yun pays his respects to Her Majesty!"

Everyone present was stunned to see this, especially those from the Tang Sect branches. Here in the Dou Spirit Empire, even the royal family treated him as an esteemed guest, yet now, he was kneeling down in front of this exquisite beauty. This was something that he wouldn't even do in the face of the king of the Dou Spirit Empire. He was a Hyper Douluo who represented the Tang Sect, and held an extremely lofty status; surely it was an overreaction for him to be kneeling down to this woman.

A slightly resigned look appeared on Yali's face. "What are you doing? Please get up."

Li Yun refused to get, and his voice began to choke up as he said, "It's been 30 years since I last saw you, Your Majesty; you saved my life! Without your kindness, I wouldn't even be alive today, so please allow me to pay my respects to you. Not only did you save me, you saved my entire family; I owe you everything, and even to this day, we have a plaque of you set up in our home. Your Majesty, your hair..."

A wry smile appeared on Yali's face

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