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From this perspective, Li Yun was actually taking a lot of vindictive pleasure in the Spirit Pagoda's misfortune. The Spirit Pagoda had been involved in the destruction of the Tang Sect headquarters, so he wouldn't feel any sympathy toward them even if their entire organization were to be eradicated.

However, none of this answered the pressing question of when their sect master was going to return. Ever since Shrek's Six Monsters had returned from the site of the incident, they had stayed in the hotel the entire time.

Furthermore, they had brought back some people, and they were all in the hotel as well. Even the members of the Tang Sect had no idea what they were doing.

I can't just keep waiting like this; I have to report this matter to the Amorous Douluo and request further instructions from him.

Regardless of whether it was the discovery of Evil Soul Masters in the Spirit Pagoda or the destruction of the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, both were extremely important pieces of news that had to be reported back to the Tang Sect. In particular, he had to notify the Amorous Douluo of the deranged state that Tang Wulin had flown into.

With that in mind, he immediately rose to his feet and pulled out his soul communicator. He contacted his subordinate in Heaven Dou City to set up intercontinental communication right away and prepared to set off for Heaven Dou City.

When he emerged from the hotel, there was already a car waiting for him outside, yet just as he was about to get into the car, he was suddenly struck by the feeling that the air around him had cooled slightly. As a Hyper Douluo, he instantly reacted to this, and reflexively cast his gaze toward a certain direction.

There, a man in white activewear was making his way directly toward Li Yun. He wore a hat, and his head was slightly bowed, so his features were obscured. The cold sensation was emanating directly from his body.

This wasn't an actual change in temperature. Instead, it was an invisible aura that couldn't be felt unless one were to reach a certain cultivation rank.

The man raised his head and cast his gaze toward Li Yun, and Li Yun almost blurted out the words "Sect Master".

The young man in the hat was none other than Tang Wulin. The suit of white activewear complemented his tall and athletic figure, accentuating his muscular arms, slim waist, and long legs. His eyes were as bright and clear as a starry night sky, and there was no longer any hint of insanity within them.

Tang Wulin didn't appear to be walking very quickly, but it only took him a few steps to reach Li Yun. It was as if the air around him had become more sluggish.

"Sorry to make you worry, Hall Master Li. Is everyone in the hotel?" Tang Wulin asked.

"They are; they haven't left the hotel ever since they returned. Sect Master, you..." Li Yun unconsciously lowered his head toward Tang Wulin as he spoke.

In the past, he had only respected Tang Wulin as he had the

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