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Tang Wulin gently stroked Lang's back and injected his soul power into her body to assuage her grief.

After a while, Lang raised her head again, and asked in a gentle voice, "Wulin, is that really you? I didn't think I would ever get to see you again."

"It's me, Mother. Don't cry, it's not good for you; we've finally been reunited, so you should be happy! Don't worry, Her Majesty, the Holy Spirit Douluo, just told me that Father will be fine, and all he needs is rest."

Lang nodded firmly in response. She had naturally already learned about her husband's condition from the Holy Spirit Douluo. "Your father and I are so sorry for leaving you behind for all these years!"

Not only was she crying for her husband, her heart throbbed even more for her son! They had been forced to leave him back when he was only 10 years old, and 12 years had passed since then. Every single day of the past 12 years had felt like a year in itself, and she was constantly worrying about how Tang Wulin was going to fare on his own. At the time, Tang Wulin had already displayed some talents in forging, but he was still only a child. After that, she and her husband were finally granted the opportunity to contact home using the long-distance communication facilities in the Spirit Pagoda. This was a benefit that had been granted to them so that they would be more willing to work.

However, the communications were constantly being monitored, so they couldn't say too much, and they could only get some information from Tang Wulin's first forging teacher, Mang Tian.

When they were made aware that Tang Wulin had made it into Shrek Academy, their hearts had been filled with excitement, but that was greatly overshadowed by pain and guilt. Just how much hardships did a child have to go through to reach this point without the protection of their parents?

When they heard from Mang Tian that Tang Wulin was becoming more and more exceptional, they finally saw some faint glimmers of hope. However, they didn't dare to pass on their location to Tang Wulin through Mang Tian, and there was no way the guards here would let them disclose this information, anyway. Tang Ziran had only managed to inform Mang Tian that they were in the Dou Spirit Empire during a rare opportunity when the guards had been slacking off.

Their research had finally bore fruit, and they had thought that they would be released. It had always been promised to them that once they completed their research, they would be granted a massive monetary reward and sent back home. However, when the day actually arrived, they immediately sensed that something was wrong.

Those people had no intention of releasing them at all, and Tang Wulin had arrived just in time to see them being executed. If he had arrived on the scene any later, his parents would've most likely been dead already.

Just as Tang Wulin had thought, perhaps the heavens had blessed him so that he was able to save his parents in the

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