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"Your Golden Dragon Spear was given to you by your big sister; our entire family misses you greatly."

Tang Wulin stared blankly at Tang San in a stunned manner. He now finally knew where his Golden Dragon King bloodline had come from. The man standing before him was his father? And this man was a god?

Tang San's body was beginning to fade away, but his eyes were still filled with a multitude of emotions as he appraised Tang Wulin. He raised a hand to try and touch his own son, but his hand merely phased through Tang Wulin's body.

At this point, the grief in Tang Wulin's heart had abated significantly, and he became more and more astonished and in disbelief. Everything had struck him far too abruptly, and he was struggling to keep up.

"I don't have much time left; this type of inter-realm communication requires a vast amount of expenditure. The passing of your foster parents dealt you an extremely heavy blow, and your personality is a lot like mine, so I had to come back in order to ensure you didn't fall into depression. However, as a result, Old Tang will no longer be by your side, and the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud will also break, so you'll have to rely on yourself from now on. I'll do everything in my power to help the Divine Realm return to its former place, but I don't know how long that's going to take.

“We've also encountered many problems on our end; we've clashed with other Divine Realms, and in order to return, we have to borrow their power. Hence, I hope that you can continue to better yourself and find a way to control the energy within the Golden Dragon King seals. The Golden Dragon King essence will undoubtedly bring you extreme peril, but it's also a brilliant opportunity. As long as you can remain true to yourself, you'll be able to forge a path that's different from the one I took. Wait for us; your mother and I will definitely return, and when that time comes, we'll be reunited.

"Alternatively, if you can become powerful enough to create your own Divine Realm someday, then you can come to find us. I'll be leaving the coordinates of the Divine Realm in your mind, and you'll be able to access this information once you break through your limits and become a god. Don't worry about your foster parents; I'll save them, and they'll live here in the Divine Realm. When you reunite with us, you'll also be reunited with them, so don't be depressed; you need to face your future with a brave and resilient heart.

"If I didn't appear today, I was afraid that you wouldn't be able to repress your Golden Dragon King power. Thankfully, the power of the Golden Dragon King will grant you a virtually immortal body, so even if you become contaminated by its power and are driven to insanity, don't give up on yourself. Trust me, we will come back and find you no matter what."

Tang San's voice was filled with absolute confidence as he spoke, and at this point, his body had almost completely faded into nothingness.


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