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Tang Wulin stared at Zang Xin in a flabbergasted manner. Never did he think that Zang Xin would have this up his sleeve! These Limit Douluos of the older generation truly were extraordinary people!

Zang Xin continued, "During my battle against the Dark Phoenix Douluo, I could sense that there was clearly something wrong with her. Her personality is completely different from what it was like in the past, and from our conversation, I deduced that this was most likely due to her love for Yun Ming ultimately breeding resentment, thereby resulting in a warping of her personality. Also, I've verified that she participated in the Shrek Academy bombing. She unintentionally revealed to me that she had taken Yun Ming's soul so he could be with her, which is obviously an extremely twisted thought process."

Tang Wulin asked, "Your Majesty, can someone's soul really continue to survive even after they've lost their physical body?"

Zang Xin replied, "That's impossible for normal people, of course, but for demigod level Limit Douluos, it's a distinct possibility. You weren't born in our generation, so perhaps you're unaware of exactly how powerful Yun Ming was. Come to think of it, you remind me of a young Yun Ming. At the time, he was invincible among his peers, and his power combined with his Shrek Academy background attracted him a lot of attention from many exceptional female Soul Masters. The sisters, Dark Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaolai and Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu, were both deeply in love with him. You've met the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, right? She's the vice-chairman of the Spirit Pagoda."

"Hah?" Tang Wulin was stunned to hear this. He had only seen the Dark Phoenix Douluo in her martial soul true body form, so he was unaware of how much she resembled Leng Yaozhu, which was why he was so surprised to hear that they were sisters.

"Both of them fell in love with Yun Ming back in the day, and Yun Ming was quite fond of them as well. However, it was exactly because of him that cracks began to appear in their sisterly bond. Who would've thought that Yun Ming would choose neither of them and pick the Holy Spirit Douluo in the end? Leng Yaozhu left with a broken heart, and Leng Yaolai refused to accept this for a while, but I don't know exactly what happened to her after that. Judging from the current situation, Yun Ming's rejection must've hurt her more than I thought.

"At the time, Yun Ming really was a womanizer. He became the Sea God's Pavilion Master solely through his own power, and he reached the Titled Douluo, Hyper Douluo, and Limit Douluo levels at 23, 26, and 31 years of age, respectively. In doing so, he created miracles and was compared to the likes of the founder of the Tang Sect, Thousand Hand Douluo Tang San, and the founder of the Spirit Pagoda, Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao. Everyone, including Yun Ming himself, was of the opinion that he would've definitely been able to ascend to the Divine Realm had it not cea

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