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"I'm fine, Your Majesty; we have to begin carrying out our mission right away."

The Holy Spirit Douluo didn't say anything further, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of the scorching battle intent burning in Tang Wulin's eyes.

Dou Spirit Empire royal palace.

Xue Yuntian was reading the report in his hand with tightly furrowed brows. He was the king of the empire, but his life was far from carefree. The Dou Spirit Empire had been founded before the Star Luo Empire, but during the first 1,000 years since its founding, the entire empire was almost focused wholeheartedly on increasing its own population.

Back then, less than 3,000 people had managed to escape and make it to this continent alive, and such a trifling population made it very difficult to ensure the continuation of the empire's lineage.

In order to increase the birth rate, there were many who married their close relatives, and as a result, there was a period of time in the Dou Spirit Empire's history where many infants had birth deformities. However, not all inbred children suffered from birth deformities; there were normal children being born as well. As such, the population of the Dou Spirit Empire gradually began to increase over time.

In the earliest days, this continent was completely bleak and barren, so everything had to begin from scratch. The soul beasts here were rather similar to those on the Douluo Continent, but aside from them, there weren't even any native humans dwelling on the continent, and that was the main reason behind why it had been so difficult for the empire to develop.

After arriving on this continent, the royal family changed its surname to "Xue" to signify a new beginning. Everything was finally beginning to progress in the right direction.

However, all of the people who had moved to the Dou Spirit Empire had once been the most traditional of Douluo Continent inhabitants. Back when they had left the Douluo Continent, soul technology had already been advancing at a rapid rate, and the Dou Spirit Empire had been destroyed precisely because of their shortcomings when it came to soul technology. After coming here, the Dou Spirit Empire had expended the majority of its efforts to increase its population, engage in reclamation of barren land, and to constantly build up the empire's infrastructure. As such, they still hadn't made any progress when it came to soul technology.

The Douluo Federation had very strict confidentiality measures in place when it came to soul technology, mostly to target the Star Luo Empire, but it was undoubtedly the case that the Dou Spirit Empire was also being restricted by these measures. If it weren't for the soul tools that the Tang Sect had sent to the empire in secret, they would most likely be lagging even further behind.

However, the support that the Dou Spirit Empire received from the Tang Sect was also limited; the sect only sold finished soul tools to the empire, yet never

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