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Within this area, all of the air would become a part of his body, and he would be virtually unkillable. On top of that, he would be able to maximize the effectiveness of his control abilities.

However, at the same time as he unleashed his domain, Tang Wulin had already turned toward him, and a massive golden dragon projection appeared behind Tang Wulin's body.

This was an enormous and ferocious golden dragon that was far clearer than the golden dragon projections Tang Wulin had conjured up in the past. Its eyes were filled with deranged ferocity, and the air around Tang Wulin was abruptly ignited; there even seemed to be flames erupting out of his eyes.

On top of that, Tang Wulin's original five golden soul rings had suddenly increased to six, and in contrast with the five previous golden soul rings, this one was tinged with a crimson color.

What was even more terrifying was that Tang Wulin's scales and other five soul rings had all been illuminated into the same crimson-golden color by that six soul ring.

As soon as Hua Tao's binding domain attempted to approach his body, it would be incinerated into nothingness.

In the next instant, another thunderous dragon's roar rang out, and all of the beast Soul Master, who were already quite feeble, were all flattened onto the ground.

Even several of the mechas in the air had plummeted out of the sky, and Tang Wulin released a halo of crimson-golden light that encompassed everyone on the battlefield, regardless of whether they were friend or foe.

A crimson-golden world had been created around him, and everyone within this world was also struck by bloodlust and a desire for slaughter.

The same inexplicable expression appeared in everyone's hearts.

"Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre!"

The golden dragon behind Tang Wulin had become completely crimson in color at this point, and even in his Air form, Hua Tao felt a burst of astonishing killing intent spear directly into his mind. As a Hyper Douluo, he possessed quite a high level of spiritual power, but he was still quite far away from the Spirit Domain realm. In the next instant, he felt as if his entire mind had turned crimson, and the surrounding air no longer heeded his command.

The giant crimson dragon had filled the entirety of everyone's field of view, and it didn't seem to have the ability to discriminate between friend and foe. Thankfully, it's true target was Hua Tao.

A burst of crimson flames erupted into the air, and Hua Tao didn't even get a chance to cry out before he was incinerated into nothingness. Immediately thereafter, a vast expanse of darkness appeared within the crimson flames, and it was as if hell had truly descended upon this world.

The one who was affected the most by this was Yuanen Yehui. In the face of the Golden Dragon Infernal Massacre, her Titan Giant Ape faded on its own, and she transformed into her Fallen Angel form.

She was looking at the crimson dragon in the dis

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