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Ever since he had first begun cultivating, Old Tang had provided him with a huge amount of assistance, the most significant of which lay in his Golden Dragon King seals. However, at the same time, he would often disappear without any premonition, and this was the first time he had spent a prolonged and continuous period instructing Tang Wulin in his cultivation. Furthermore, Tang Wulin had a feeling that ever since he had contacted that mysterious place through the Vast Sea Cosmic Crystal, Old Tang seemed to be in much higher spirits than before.

Tang Wulin sat in his cabin and slowly waved his arms through the air while experiencing the intricacies of time.

Two months quickly passed by, and the fact that they were traveling deep in the ocean combined with how powerful the Thousand Spirit was meant that the journey was a very smooth one, even though they had encountered some powerful sea soul beasts along the way. Not long ago, the submarine captain had informed him that they were about to reach the Dou Spirit Continent soon, and that the Thousand Spirit was preparing to begin its ascent.

There was no secret passageway on the Dou Spirit Continent to connect the Thousand Spirit to the land, so it could only rise to the surface.

Tang Wulin exhaled, and the slightly warped projections around him vanished as a result.

During these two months, he had finally grasped some of the most basic elements of time control, and the more he continued down this path, the more he became aware of just how unfathomable the concept of time was. As expected of an abstract concept that ranked alongside space!

Old Tang had told him that if he could unleash 10% of the power of Millennium White Clouds, he would bestow upon Tang Wulin a spatial spear technique, and the combination of the two would benefit him immensely.

However, Tang Wulin wasn't in a hurry to learn this new spatial spear technique. He knew that taking on too much at once would only hamper his overall progress, so he was determined to master Millennium White Clouds first.

To Soul Masters, two months wasn't a very long time, and after Tang Wulin concluded his cultivation, he contacted his friends to organize a meeting.

There were many people who were accompanying him on his journey. Aside from the Tang Sect's mecha squadron, there was the Blood Dragon Squad, Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and the Holy Spirit Douluo herself.

After learning that Yun Ming's soul still existed, Yali was clearly in higher spirits than she had been in the past. Tang Wulin didn't know how Zang Xin had convinced her to wait for a year before recovering Yun Ming's soul, but at the very least, it seemed that she was no longer dead on the inside.

Thinking back to what Zang Xin had told him about the Atlas Douluo, the Dark Phoenix Douluo, and the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo, Tang Wulin couldn't help but think that Yun Ming was quite the womanizer! It seemed that every woman who had fallen in love with

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