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Chen Xinjie fell into silent contemplation upon hearing this. It was undoubtedly true that everything Tang Wulin had said made sense. In reality, Tang Wulin had made extensive preparations before coming here, so everything he had said was true with no fabricated information presented. It was indeed one of his missions to find the headquarters of the Holy Spirit Cult; he had merely omitted his and the Tang Sect's objective, which was to prevent this war from happening.

The fact that Chen Xinjie was pondering the situation indicated to Tang Wulin that he had been swayed. Next, it was up to Chen Xinjie to make a decision.

Chen Xinjie was currently thinking back to the call that he had made prior to returning to his office.


"What's going on, Brother? I wasn't expecting a call from you."

"Have you heard of someone by the codename of Blood Dragon? Is he from your legion?"

"Blood Dragon? Are you referring to the Blood Dragon Squad? How did you come into contact with them?" A surprised voice sounded from the other end of the line.

"Just tell me who he is," Chen Xinjie urged in a serious voice.

The man on the other end of the line was silent for a while before replying in an emotional voice, "He's an extremely outstanding young man. If it weren't for him, perhaps all of us would've already been killed during the last abyssal tide. At the very least, your nephew would be dead for sure. The specific circumstances surrounding him is top-secret information in our legion, so I can't disclose it to you. However, what I can tell you is that he's definitely trustworthy, and he's the most integral member of our Blood God Legion, so you have to protect him no matter what. You can't let any harm befall him, or the entire continent will suffer the consequences."


The words of his blood brother echoed within his mind, and this was the first time that Chen Xinjie had ever heard such glowing praise for anyone from that stubborn brother of his. Even the almighty Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi, who was also his direct superior, had never been referred to by him in such a flattering light. This was sufficient testament to just how important this young man was in his heart,

"How much time do you need? You're trying to stall the commencement of this war, right?" Chen Xinjie was extremely cunning and immediately identified the gist of the issue.

Tang Wulin made no effort to disguise his objective. "That's right. At the very least, I want to find more Evil Soul Masters and destroy them first, rather than allow them to benefit from the vast amounts of death energy that is sure to arise during the course of the war. In reality, I've never seen this war as something that's entirely necessary. Invasion isn't the only option to allow the federation to make a resurgence. If we can destroy the abyssal plane and absorb all of the energy in the plane, then we can achieve the same objective they had for attempting to devour our

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