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Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword True Body also struck the golden light, but it was as if she had struck a furnace, and the spiritual shock she was struck by instantly made her sword soul recoil.

Yue Zhengyu's attack was also repelled, and in the blink of an eye, Tang Wulin's Path of Regal Domination had stretched for over 100 meters.

The Path of Regal Domination was imbued with unstoppable might!

This was a perfect integration of his essence, energy, and spirit, as well as a culmination of all of his abilities.

Not only did this produce enormous offensive power, it was also the perfect skill for him to get out of a sticky situation.

Tang Wulin didn't stop there. As his Path of Regal Domination stretched onward, his body suddenly became as fearsome as a black hole, and in that instant, his Spirit Domain realm spiritual power was elevated to its very maximal extent. The huge Beautiful Silk Tulip appeared behind him again, allowing him to absorb all of the energy around him in a frenzy.

With the sensory ability of his spiritual power and the effect of his Devouring Heaven and Earth, he was able to draw upon some natural energies even though he was still inside Xu Xiaoyan's domain.

Immediately thereafter, the Divine Atlas Spear in his left hand was hurled through the air, not toward his friends, but simply toward the very air itself.

All or Nothing!

This was the other technique that Tang Wulin had invented alongside his Path of Regal Domination.

In the same instant that the Divine Atlas Spear was hurled forth, dazzling white light erupted from the spear. The scorching white light was just like the final radiance that Atlas Douluo Yun Ming had released when nullifying the explosion of the Godslayer missile, and it was filled with an air of peerless might.

A series of antiquated silver runes appeared along the spear, and a boundless aura erupted as the runes shimmered and flashed. All of Shrek's Six Monsters felt as if they could see the handsome and mighty figure who had once protected them and unleashed that peerless spear strike.


The domain tremored, and all of the surrounding stars were snuffed out by the devastating spear strike.

Everything instantly shattered and crumbled away, and as the domain fell apart, the outside world was revealed again.

They were still on the drill ground, but under the influence of the domain, A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi had already rushed into the distance on two different sides of the drill ground. Not only that, but there was a beam of starlight shimmering above each of their heads, constantly raining rays of light down upon them. Not only was this starlight encroaching upon their bodies, it was also slowing down their movements, making them look as if they were moving in slow motion.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin himself was still being surrounded by Shrek's Six Monsters.

Xu Xiaoyan let loose a muffled groan as her legs gave out from under her, and she s

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