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Only after the train arrived at the station did Long Yeyue reopen her eyes, and she sighed, "Wulin, you have someone you love as well now, right?"

Tang Wulin nodded reflexively in response.

"If you're sure that you love someone, then make sure you don't let them go. Life may be very long, especially for Soul Masters like us, but true love often only comes once a lifetime. If you grab it, you'll be happy for life, but if you let it slip, you may lose it forever."

After that, Long Yeyue stood up and strode out of the train.

The meaning behind her words was quite simple, but how much of her past sorrows and regrets did those words contain? It seemed that the story between Long Yeyue and Chen Xijie was truly a complex one.

"Where is he?" Long Yeyue asked after they emerged from the train station.

"He should be at the united control center. The Boundless Ocean Douluo is the commander of the united fleet," Tang Wulin replied.

"Do you have a map?" Long Yeyue asked.

"I do." After being at Skysea City for so long, Tang Wulin had naturally already prepared these basic facilities.

"Point out to me where the control center is on the map," Long Yeyue instructed.

Tang Wulin pulled out a map before pointing out the location of the control center to Long Yeyue.

"Alright, you can go back now. Tell Zang Xin that he won't be getting away with this. You can follow your original plan for everything else; I'll take care of everything here. After this, I'll return to Heaven Dou City. Come and find me when you go back as well."

After that, Long Yeyue stepped forward, and her body suddenly turned transparent before vanishing right before Tang Wulin's eyes. As for all of the surrounding bystanders, it was as if they couldn't see what had happened at all. To them, it seemed that Long Yeyue had never even been here in the first place.

It was quite clear that Elder Long was at a level that was still completely incomprehensible to Tang Wulin, and he had a feeling that her powers definitely exceeded that of Zang Xin.

It was no wonder that Shrek City was such a force to be reckoned with in its heyday; both Elder Long and Atlas Douluo Yun Ming were most likely true demigods, and in addition to them were the two Limit Douluos of the Tang Sect. With the presence of these four almighty beings, even the Spirit Pagoda wouldn't have dared to oppose Shrek City's will.

Tang Wulin returned to meet up with his friends, and after close to 20 minutes, an illusionary figure appeared outside the united control center before gradually taking on a more substantial form.

The elderly Long Yeyue appeared on a small hill while holding her cane, and she cast her gaze toward the control center as countless images flashed through her eyes. The same images gradually began to appear around her, but they weren't very clear. One could only just barely make out some humanoid figures flashing in the images and occasionally hear a faint voice

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