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Zang Xin's brows furrowed even further at the sight of her. He was completely sure that this woman was at least at the Hyper Douluo level, and her spiritual power had reached the Spirit Domain realm as well, so at the very least, she was superior to the Dark Phoenix Douluo in that aspect. What was most perplexing to him was that there was no powerful being of her description in his memory, which meant that this Evil Soul Master had definitely only recently risen to prominence.

It was quite unsettling to think that the Holy Spirit Cult had such a powerful being lurking among their ranks.

"Are you one of the four heavenly monarchs as well?" Despite being able to sense how powerful this woman was, Zang Xin remained calm and collected, while the Dark Phoenix Douluo continued to fly around him in a tormented state within his domain.

"I am! They all call me Dark Bell, but you can call me Little Bell if you'd like. Can you release her and let me take her away? I'm sure you wouldn't turn down someone as adorable as me. Why don't you hand her over, and we can be friends," the Evil Soul Master giggled.

Zang Xin replied in a cold manner, "Friends? Do you think our Tang Sect would befriend your Holy Spirit Cult?"

The Amorous One is Left to Rue What Could've Been domain expanded as he spoke, and it quickly illuminated Dark Bell's body.

Dark Bell pouted in a displeased manner. "You're a really boring guy, you know that? Everyone's spoken so highly about you for so many years; I wanted to witness your powers for myself as well."

She gently waved her right hand through the air as she spoke, and nine soul rings, consisting of six blacks and three reds, emerged from beneath her feet.

Even Zang Xin couldn't help but be taken aback at the sight of her soul ring configuration. Almost all of the beings on the Douluo Continent who possessed a set of soul rings of this caliber were Limit Douluos, which made them part of an extremely exclusive group of the most powerful beings on the continent.

The Holy Spirit Cult had a sovereign and two emperors above the four heavenly monarchs. Just a heavenly monarch alone was already this fearsome; how powerful would the sovereign and emperors be?

In Zang Xin's memory, he could only confidently say that he had encountered one of those three powerful beings. Many years ago, that man had been defeated by Atlas Douluo Yun Ming, but managed to escape with his life and fell into complete obscurity thereafter.

The unknown was always the most terrifying; who could have envisioned that the Holy Spirit Cult would reappear on the continent after remaining dormant for over 10,000 years?

10,000 years ago, the Holy Spirit Cult had sought to bring disaster to this world, but unfortunately for them, they encountered one of the most exceptional generations of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. In particular, their core member and the founder of the Spirit Pagoda, Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao, was considered to

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