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The man who had just destroyed Na Nali's Dark Bell was none other than the Spirit Pagoda Chairman, Qiangu Dongfeng.

If Tang Wulin were still here, he would immediately understand why Gu Yuena had told him to run.

"We're just going to let her go? She's already been severely wounded; I'm sure I'll be able to chase her down and take care of her," the white-robed young man said in an urgent manner.

Qiangu Dongfeng furrowed his brows, and scolded, "You're in your early thirties already; why are you still so reckless? Do you think the Holy Spirit Cult is that easy to deal with? How can you be sure that there aren't any other Holy Spirit Cult powerful beings nearby? These Evil Soul Masters have a myriad of unpredictable abilities, and you could easily fall prey to one of them. A wise man would never place himself in unknown peril. Do you know who you are? You're far too important to be risking your life hunting down these filthy beings who can only live in the darkness!"

Qiangu Zhangting lowered his head in a slightly embarrassed manner upon hearing this. "You're right, Grandfather. It's a good thing that Nana identified those two to be members of the Holy Spirit Cult. Otherwise, I would've still been completely oblivious."

Qiangu Dongfeng turned to Gu Yuena, and he immediately adopted a much warmer expression. "Are you alright, Na'er?"

Gu Yuena nodded in response. "Her soundwave attacks are very powerful and unpredictable. It's a good thing that Zhangting was with me; I wouldn't have been able to take her on by myself."

Qiangu Zhangting was instantly reinvigorated upon receiving a compliment from the woman of his desires. "If she hadn't run away so quickly, I would've taken her down there and then!"

Qiangu Dongfeng said, "There must be a reason why powerful beings of the Holy Spirit Cult have suddenly appeared in Heaven Dou City. Don't go to Skysea City for now; I fear that the Holy Spirit Cult will target you after what happened just now. Let's go back to the headquarters."

Qiangu Zhangting turned to Gu Yuena, and only after she nodded to accept this arrangement did he also agree with a smile. He was definitely in support of not going to Skysea City. The Spirit Pagoda headquarters was his territory, and it was the place where he would be able to interact with Gu Yuena the most.

He had fallen in love with the cold and exquisitely beautiful Gu Yuena from the moment that he first saw her. Not only was she absolutely stunning, she had beauty and aptitude in equal measure. Even the picky Qiangu Dongfeng had nothing but praise for her, and she was also the disciple of Vice-chairman Leng Yaozhu, so he was a perfect match for her regardless of whether it was in ability, status, or looks. They were truly a match made in heaven.

Gu Yuena cast a glance in the direction that Tang Wulin had fled toward, seemingly in an absentminded manner, then departed from the train station with Qiangu Dongfeng and Qiangu Zhangting.

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