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The Mountain Dragon King was an earth-attribute being, so its power in conjunction with Tang Wulin's powerful body allowed him to quickly drill his way into the earth.

His arms were occupied as he had to protect Long Yuxue, so he could only use the sharp edges of his wings to clear away the earth in his path. His physical constitution had already far exceeded the realm of what was humanly possible, and soon, he had burrowed several dozen meters into the ground.

At this depth, even underground radars would have a very hard time trying to detect him. However, it was also quite difficult to move this deep underground, so he wasn't exactly racing along.

In a situation like this, Tang Wulin's immense spiritual power played a very important role. Through his ability to sense earth-attribute elements, Tang Wulin was able to quickly get a grasp of the underground structure within a radius of around a kilometer, and he soon discovered an underground lake. He burrowed through the earth and into the lake, allowing its natural flow to carry them away.

The underground lake wasn't flowing very quickly, but it was still far faster than burrowing through the earth. The sense of peril gradually faded away, and Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh of relief.

However, right at this moment, he suddenly sensed that there seemed to be something wrong with Long Yuxue.

They had been underground for a while now, and Long Yuxue had been silently enduring everything this whole time, from the heavy impact of plummeting into the ground, to the subsequent sense of asphyxiation.

Even though she was a Soul Emperor, her physical constitution couldn't even hold a candle to Tang Wulin's, and internal soul power regulation could allow her to hold her breath for a long time, but that time period had already passed. In particular, the initial impact had completely knocked the breath out of her, and the situation had set her heart racing at far above its resting rate, so her body's oxygen needs had spiked even further.

At this point, her body was already beginning to stiffen, and her life force fluctuations were slowly ebbing away.

This was not good!

Tang Wulin was quite alarmed by this, and he hurriedly looked down at Long Yuxue. Through the use of his Purple Demon Eyes, he could see that Long Yuxue's eyes were tightly shut, and her face was completely pale, but also a little purple. This was clearly a sign that she was suffocating to death.

In this dire situation, Tang Wulin couldn't think of any other way to save her, and he hurriedly pressed his lips against hers to conduct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

His Mysterious Heaven Method ensured that he had a virtually endless supply of soul power, and with the cycle formed by his two energy cores within his insanely powerful body, he could hold his breath for half a day without any issues.

The air that Tang Wulin had injected into Long Yuxue's lungs brought her back from the brink of deat

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