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After all, at the general level, it was difficult, even for one's higher-ups, to prosecute them. However, this commander clearly had no qualms doing so. He may have only been an admiral, but at times, he was even more influential than the military commander-in-chief as he had a few more identities that made him a figure of utmost importance to the entire federation.

He was the commander of the Sea God Legion, the Battle God Hall Master, and a Limit Douluo!

Any one of those three identities was enough to cement one's spot at the very pinnacle of the entire federation, let alone all three at once.

Furthermore, this commander was one of the representatives of the Eagle Faction. There were different factions even in the Eagle Faction itself, and he definitely belonged to the most aggressive one.

"I don't care who's involved and for what reasons; anyone who's been found to be the perpetrator of the attack or had colluded with the perpetrator will be executed!"

Right at this moment, a soldier outside suddenly yelled, "Report!"

The commander's expression darkened even further. "What is it?"

The soldier hurried over before extending a military salute. "Sir, a group of soldiers in strange military uniforms have arrived outside our barracks, and they claim to be special investigators sent by the federation to investigate the recent attack."

"Special investigators from the federation?" Chen Xinjie raised an eyebrow as he instructed, "Bring in their leader to see me; let me see what this is all about."

All of the other military officials present were also rather bemused. Special federal investigators? Could this have been a team that had only just been assembled to investigate this matter?

According to military regulations, there were indeed some special departments that were responsible for overseeing certain military divisions, but this united fleet was different! The commander of this united fleet was the current Battle God Hall Master, Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie; who would dare to barge in at a time like this, especially when he was at the height of his rage? Did they have a death wish?

With Chen Xinjie's status in the military, he could easily find an excuse to execute someone, and no one would dare to say anything about it.

Not long after that, a young man in a white military uniform was led into the room.

This was a tall and broad young man with wide shoulders and a set of handsome yet authoritative facial features. He appeared to be around 28 to 29 years of age, and his military uniform was pristine and completely creaseless. He also had a pair of major general epaulets on his shoulders, and gave off a rather imposing aura.

Despite the fact that there were several dozens of high-ranking military officials present, he was completely unfazed and strode over to Chen Xinjie before stopping around five meters away. He then made a fist with his right hand and thumped it against his chest in

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