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Tang Wulin continued to remain silent as he knew that he was susceptible to falling under her influence if he were to respond. The only thing he could do now was to bide his time and search for an opportunity.

Na Nali smiled, and continued, "Are you not going to say anything? How about this? Let's play a game from now on. I'll ask questions, and you give me answers. For every question you refuse to answer, I'll kill someone on this train. Who do you think I should start with?"

She raised a hand to point at the surrounding passengers as she spoke, and her entrancing smile coupled with her beautiful features captivated many of the nearby male passengers.

"What's your name?" A burst of gentle energy began to swirl around her fingertip.

"Blood Dragon." Tang Wulin had no choice but to speak. He couldn't just sit idly and watch as she engaged in senseless slaughter.

"Heehee, I knew you weren't a mute. Blood Dragon? That's not your real name, is it?"

Tang Wulin replied in an indifferent voice, "I have many names; do you want me to make one up for you on the spot."

Na Nali continued, "Alright, next question, then: are you from the Tang Sect?"

"Yes," Tang Wulin replied in a clipped and concise manner.

Na Nali cocked her head to the side in a show of contemplation. "I didn't think that the Tang Sect would have such an exceptional disciple. You really do seem very young, which makes it all the more incredible. You must be a very important figure in the Tang Sect, right? I was shocked that you were able to hurt me as a mere Soul Sage. By the way, that really hurt; you cracked my martial soul. How about you guess how much remaining power I have? You should give it a try; maybe you can even beat me. Where's your friend that you used that soul fusion skill with?"

She raised her hand in a grand gesture as she spoke, and imitated Tang Wulin's voice. "Come, my blade!"

"You were so cool at the time. Heehee, it's too bad that you don't have your blade with you now. I can't believe that idiot phoenix was captured. Don't worry, I couldn't bear to hurt you; I'm just going to exchange you for that idiot phoenix. Speaking of her, I don't like her, either. She looks pretty, but she's even more evil than I am. I only collect some vengeful spirits here and there, but she directly extracts the soul out of living people's bodies and turns them into vengeful spirits or collects them to be tortured. She's really abhorrent! I'm much better than her; I only like the invisible soundwaves that vengeful spirits emit. Am I not the kindest person in the entire Holy Spirit Cult?"

"Hehe," Tang Wulin chuckled coldly in response.

"That's such a sly smile, but you're still so handsome! I really have fallen for you. How about you become my boyfriend? I'm not even old; I'm only 37 this year. I'm sure you're aware that age becomes largely inconsequential when Soul Masters reach a certain level. We'll both live until we're over 200 anyway,

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