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After a period of fugitive-hunting, the defenses around Skysea City gradually eased, and the military lockdown was removed. However, there were still rigorous checks taking place at all of the important transport junctions in the city in order to prevent the same thing from happening again.

The defenses around the carrier-based vanguard group became a lot tighter, with all types of detection radars constantly activated to conduct surveillance.

The attack's success could be linked directly to malfeasance from the radar surveillance department, and the relevant personnel had already been sent to military court. Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie would be keeping an eye on the proceedings of the case in person, and his stance on matters remained firm no matter who pleaded for the innocence of those people. Hence, they were going to be prosecuted soon, and their sentences were going to be very severe.

Meanwhile, there were a total of 20 large soul vehicles traveling along the highway toward Skysea City.

Each of these large soul vehicles was over 30 meters in length and over 8 meters tall, with 30 massive wheels required to carry their enormous weight.

The vehicles were painted a navy blue color, and there were skull designs painted on them, as well as special military symbols, indicating that these were dangerous military resources.

In the sky above, there were 100 mechas led by two black mechas to protect the group of vehicles in case of any mishaps, and it was quite clear that the vehicles contained extremely important military resources.

Mobilization of similar military resources had already commenced since a few days ago, and war seemed to be imminent. It was undoubtedly the case that the united control center was overseeing the mobilization of these military resources.

The convoy continued onward in an orderly manner, and the mechas in the sky were relatively spread-out, with some of them inspecting the surrounding area, while others occasionally reported the situation to the control center.

The person sitting in the passenger's seat of the first vehicle was a senior colonel, and even the driver was a lieutenant colonel. There was an electronic screen in front of the senior colonel, displaying to him the current situation of the 20 vehicles in the convoy, as well as some surveillance statistics being gathered by the detection radars that were on top of the vehicles.

"The control center is being really urgent with their resource mobilization; is the war really about to begin, Boss?" the lieutenant colonel asked.

The senior colonel's eyes remained on the screen as he replied, "Anything is possible before the actual order for war arrives, so it's hard to say."

The lieutenant colonel rolled his eyes in response. "Can you not speak like a politician, bro?"

The senior colonel and lieutenant colonel were cousins, yet very few people in the military were aware of this.

The senior colonel scolded,

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