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He was forced to use his Golden Dragon Tyrant Body again, but thankfully, he was able to absorb energy through his Devouring Heaven and Earth. Thus, even though Tang Wulin was being forced back by his three friends, he was able to just barely withstand their attacks.

During this brief clash, he had also formed a series of judgments. The first thing that he could be sure of was that after unleashing this domain-like soul skill, Xu Xiaoyan was unable to exert further control, so he still had a chance.

Secondly, A'Ruheng and Sima Jinchi had most likely completely lost their way, and he had no idea where they were. This was the main issue; without any allies, he had no chance against his friends, all of whom had donned their suits of battle armor!

However, there was nothing he could do before he broke through this domain.

Tang Wulin was confident that even in her martial soul true body form and the assistance from Xu Lizhi's steamed buns, Xu Xiaoyan shouldn't be able to maintain this domain for too long. After all, this was a domain that had befuddled two Titled Douluos, and Xu Xiaoyan was still only a Soul Sage.

Even so, Tang Wulin was still very happy for her. She already possessed such a powerful soul skill at her current cultivation rank; how formidable would her domain become once she became a Titled Douluo?

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and even though he was having a very hard time, he was in a very good mood. It was exactly due to the arduous situation that he was in that his latent potential had completely been brought to the fore. His dragon core was beating violently, and his heart was beating to the exact same rhythm.

There was no way that Tang Wulin's soul power could exceed that of his three opponents, but in terms of strength, even the three of them combined were no match for him. In this situation, his insane strength played an extremely important role, and that, in conjunction with his understanding of his spear soul, allowed him to just barely withstand everyone's ferocious attacks while wielding his dual spears.

He still had trump cards up his sleeve, including his two other soul spirits. The Tyrant Dragon and Goldsong could keep everyone occupied for some time, and what he had to do now was stall as much as possible. Once the domain faded, Xu Xiaoyan would undoubtedly be severely debilitated, and when that time came, the victory would still belong to them.

However, right at this moment, a bone-chilling aura suddenly appeared behind him, and Xie Xie's voice rang out again.

"Have a taste of the power of the Space Time Dragon!"

A sharp and illusionary burst of power tore through Tang Wulin's dragon's repulse again, and much to his surprise, he discovered that Xie Xie's attack was completely different compared to before. Even his dragon's repulse had been affected by spatial fluctuations, but he couldn't sense any spatial elements emanating from Xie Xie's body.

What kind

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