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This was downright incredible!

This was clearly an attack that had been planned in advance, and their target was none other than the resources in these 20 soul vehicles! The value of over 300 soul missiles amounted to an astronomical sum, but what was even more terrifying was their destructive capabilities.

No, I can't let them take these soul missiles!

The senior colonel gritted his teeth as he clambered to his feet. He knew that he was no match for this enemy, but he still released his martial soul.

Not only was he a Soul Sage, he was also a two-word battle armor master, and his suit of dark red battle armor quickly encased his body. Flames then erupted from the battle armor while a pair of wings were spread open on his back, and he activated his seventh soul skill without any hesitation, transforming into a giant fiery winged wolf before pouncing directly toward the dazzling silver light.

A hand that was encased in black armor suddenly appeared, and this hand rapidly expanded in the senior colonel's field of view.

Everything around him congealed, and in that instant, he didn't feel like a giant flaming wolf in his martial soul true body form. Instead, he felt like a fly that had been caught in a cobweb.

A wince-inducing grinding sound rang out from his suit of battle armor, and he felt as if his body were being compressed by a burst of terrifying power. He felt like he would be completely crushed like a grape and reduced to a pile of mincemeat in the next instant.

What kind of terrifying power was this?

Right at this moment, the surrounding darkness suddenly lit up, and a sense of formidable pressure suddenly appeared. A dazzling sword projection descended from the sky, and it seemed to be capable of slicing through all lies and the root of all pain.

The terrifying force that was crushing the giant fiery wolf abruptly vanished, and the black-armored hand suddenly clenched itself into a fist before crashing upward.

A dull boom rang out alongside the pleasant ringing of a sword, and in the aftermath of the clash, a streak of light flashed back in retreat while the vehicles that were suspended in mid-air crashed down onto the ground. Only the first three military vehicles in the line had vanished into the silver vortex.

Under the illumination of the vehicles' headlights, the senior colonel could see two figures facing one another from afar. He wore a rather blank look on his face, and his body was trembling involuntarily from the near-death experience he had just suffered.

"Dark Phoenix!" An incredulous voice that was tinged with a hint of befuddlement rang out.

"When did the Amorous Douluo become so nosy?" A pleasant yet frosty voice rang out from the black-armored woman.

The senior colonel turned toward his savior and was greeted by the sight of a man in a suit of white armor. The suit of armor looked as if it had been carved out of white crystal, but there was faint golden mist with

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