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A slightly forlorn feeling welled up in his heart as he spoke. He had passed through Eastsea City on the way to Skysea City as he wanted to return to the city where he had once lived and studied, and where everything had begun for him. It was here that he became acquainted with his first set of friends and the love of his life.

Upon his return, he discovered that Eastsea City didn't seem to have changed much, as if the passage of time hadn't affected it at all during the past 15 or so years. However, everything had changed in his heart.

He resisted the urge to return home as he reaffirmed his conviction to bring back his parents.

The soul train arrived, and everyone boarded. The VIP carriage was indeed very comfortable. Everyone had their own designated spacious area, as well as all types of beverages and foods that they could choose from.

After boarding the train, the leader of the group sat down in the seat at the very front, and a sharp look appeared in his eyes to replace his forlorn expression.

Everything was about to begin!

The Eagle Faction had gained the absolute upper hand in the federal parliament, and a war was imminent. There were all types of long-distance projects that had been set into motion in preparation for the war, and that was also why the security in Skysea City had become so rigorous.

All of the vehicles entering and exiting the city had to undergo thorough examinations, and this was perhaps a result of the trauma left behind in the wake of the Shrek Academy bombing.

The soul train arrived at Skysea City Station, and the first thing that the nine of them had to face was the security check.

The security check here wasn't as thorough as it was for cars and other vehicles, but they still had to be scanned by special devices. Only those who were able to pass the scans without a hitch would truly enter Skysea City.

The young man walking at the front of the group was naturally none other than Tang Wulin, and the long-haired man beside him was A'Ruheng.

His large bald head was far too eye-catching, so Tang Wulin had prepared a wig for him as part of his disguise. The result had been quite good, and at the very least; it made him look a lot less menacing.

Sima Jinchi's disguise was the simplest of all; he had his facial hair shaved and his eyebrows plucked a little to give him a more gentle appearance, and he suddenly looked like a different man. This was also why A'Ruheng was calling him a pretty boy.

Everyone else had also put on simple disguises to conceal their original exceptional appearances.

Due to the fact that Tang Wulin's parents were very likely on the Dou Spirit Continent, that was the continent that they were visiting first. On top of that, the Dou Spirit Empire was also weaker than the Star Luo Empire, so they were more in need of assistance from the Tang Sect, thereby further cementing it as the appropriate first destination.

Tang Wulin was very excited fo

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