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"Ding!" A dark green bell appeared out of thin air and let loose a crisp chime, upon which the four-colored ball of light abruptly faltered before exploding to unleash a terrifying energy storm. At the same time, a dark green light barrier appeared in front of Na Nali, shielding her and Tang Wulin from the oncoming energy blasts.

In the instant after Gu Yuena unleashed those four balls of light, she swept her right hand through the air, and her soul rings appeared around her, following which a thin and long elemental staff appeared in her grasp. She drew a circle with the staff in the air, conjuring up a silver ring of light. Na Nali faltered slightly upon seeing this, and in the next instant, an identical silver ring had appeared beneath her feet.

Silver light flashed, and before she had a chance to resist, she found herself standing right in front of Gu Yuena.

This was spatial teleportation, and she had used it on an enemy!

Na Nali was well and truly astonished. This woman's elemental control abilities were simply extraordinary! At her cultivation rank, even if she had been caught off guard, she shouldn't have been passively teleported so easily!

Gu Yuena's movements were smooth and flowing like those of an artist. As soon as the silver ring of light was conjured up, she seemed to have already determined that Na Nali wouldn't be able to escape her teleportation. She thrust her left hand toward the ring of light, and by the time Na Nali was teleported to her, the former was greeted by the sight of a completely golden palm that was thrusting directly toward her.

Light elements that were so dense that they were almost in a solid form erupted forth, and Na Nali could only raise her arms to protect herself in the face of this abrupt turn of events.

In the instant that she was teleported to Gu Yuena, the white-robed young man beside her also reacted to the situation, and nine soul rings instantly emerged beneath his feet, consisting of seven blacks and two reds. His third soul ring lit up, and a strange weapon instantly appeared in his hand, which he swept horizontally through the air.

This was a halberd that resembled a long spear, except there was a crescent blade on each side of the tip of the weapon. With the activation of his soul skill, the halberd turned into a scorching white color, and as he swung it through the air, an enormous burst of suction force erupted from it. One of the crescent blades on the weapon instantly reached Na Nali's neck, and everything had happened so quickly that Tang Wulin and Na Nali were left reeling by this turn of events.

Who could've envisioned that Gu Yuena would suddenly lash out in such an abrupt and devastating manner?

Furthermore, she seemed to have great synergy and teamwork with the white-robed young man, who was also an extremely powerful Titled Douluo in his own right, as exemplified by his exceptional soul ring configuration. Even compared to the soul rings of Na

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