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It was exactly because of these two soul skills that none of the powerful beings of his generation wished to face him in battle.

The Dark Phoenix Douluo had fallen prey to this combination, and the most damning part about this was not that her Phoenix Reverence Parade had been withdrawn. Instead, it was that her domain had also reverted back to one second ago, which was prior to its release.

Thus, all of the Evil Soul Masters who had just regained some mobility were instantly plunged into the figurative quicksand again.

All of a sudden, Zang Xin's third soul ring lit up, and the passion in his eyes suddenly turned into despair. The look in his eyes struck the beholder with the feeling that he had lost something that was most precious to him forever. Dazzling specks of light instantly appeared over the entire battlefield like countless drops of tears that were proliferating outward.

"Thump, thump, thump thump..." A string of dull thumps rang out, and one head after another exploded like watermelons.

All of those Evil Soul Masters were struck by the feeling that their biggest regrets had instantly been magnified by countless times, and their hearts were unable to bear this agony. Thus, their heads exploded in their excruciating pain, and it seemed that this was the only way they could free themselves from this unspeakable torment.

There were over 100 Evil Soul Masters present, and over two-thirds of them had their heads detonated by these countless specks of light. Even those who managed to survive were all throwing up mouthfuls of blood and had turned deathly pale.

One had to realize that all of the Evil Soul Masters that had been sent out on this operation were at least at the Soul King level, yet Zang Xin was still able to wreak such widespread havoc in an instant despite the fact that he was facing someone as powerful as the Dark Phoenix Douluo. This was the power of one of the two most powerful beings of the Tang Sect.

It had been over 50 years since the Heartless Douuo and the Amorous Douluo had unleashed their power in battle, and many people had already forgotten their abilities. Now that Zang Xin had stepped in to oppose these Evil Soul Masters, everyone was given another poignant reminder of just how fearsome he and Cao Dezhi were.


This was the name of Zang Xin's third soul skill.

The Dark Phoenix Douluo had also been affected by this, and she felt as if she had been taken back to the moment where Yun Ming had valiantly sacrifice himself to limit the explosions of the Godslayer missiles. Her heart was instantly overwhelmed by boundless remorse, and she didn't have any spare capacity to assist the other Evil Soul Masters.

Among those of the same cultivation rank, Evil Soul Masters were very powerful, and almost no normal Soul Masters could oppose them. However, in exchange for this power, they had to endure far more pain and suffering then normal Soul Masters, which resulted in mor

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