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Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. This was not going to be an easy balance to maintain!

Zang Xin continued, "Due to the fact that our headquarters was bombed, we won't be able to send many people with you. Only after you arrive on the other two continents will the Tang Sect branches over there be able to provide you with assistance. Look after yourself during the journey. "

"I'll do my best," Tang Wulin replied with a solemn nod.

They were going to be facing the most powerful people in the political world of the two continents during this trip. Not only did they have to face potential opposition from within the two empires, it was likely that they would also have to face the Spirit Pagoda and Holy Spirit Cult, so it definitely wasn't going to be easy to achieve their final objective.

"The plan has already been devised well in advance, so I won't waste any more time with words. Remember this: ensure your own safety above all else. You are the hope of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, so make sure to protect yourself, especially when you face powerful beings from the Holy Spirit Cult. It's very likely that the Holy Spirit Cult has already infiltrated the two empires, and even the federal military isn't free from their influence. Those who have infiltrated those organizations must be extremely powerful beings from the Holy Spirit Cult, and they'll rear their ugly heads when widespread casualties occur. Your goal is to prevent this from happening, so you'll definitely be targeted by the Holy Spirit Cult."

Intense killing intent appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes upon hearing this. He and the Holy Spirit Cult were nothing short of sworn enemies. So many teachers and students of Shrek Academy had perished during the bombing instigated by the Holy Spirit Cult!

After Zang Xin departed, Tang Wulin took some time to organize his own thought process. What he was going to do on this trip was very likely going to change the power balance between all three continents, and he was quite excited by this notion, but also felt a lot of pressure weighing on his shoulders. If it weren't for everything he had experienced, perhaps he wouldn't even have the right to undertake such a duty.

Elder Long, the Amorous Douluo, and the Heartless Douluo all had extremely high hopes for him, so failure was not an option.

The lineup that was traveling to the two empires was quite a powerful one, which included the current Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Body Douluo A'Ruheng, Saber God Douluo Sima Jinchi, the entire Blood Dragon Squad, and Holy Spirit Douluo Yali.

Even though Elder Long and the Amorous Douluo had refrained from accompanying them on this trip, Holy Spirit Douluo Yali had volunteered to come with them in order to ensure their safety.

She was the number one healing Soul Master on the entire continent, so her presence naturally made this trip a lot safer.

After all, she was a rank 98 Hyper Douluo, and even Tang Wuli

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