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It was a soul missile! Only a soul missile could produce such terrifying destructive power!

Furthermore, this was most likely a ninth-grade soul missile. Otherwise, the explosion definitely wouldn't have been so fearsome.

A black-grade warship that was docked by the port was blasted into smithereens by the explosion, and there were also two purple-grade frigates in the distance that were capsized by the massive waves. Thankfully, the battleships hadn't been docked too close to one another, so the damage was limited.

Had there been an attack? Someone had attacked a federal fleet, and they had used a ninth-grade soul missile to do so!

Among the federal fleets, there were red aircraft carriers, black warships, purple frigates, yellow gunboats, and white patrol boats. Battleships of different grades also had different equipment, and these types of warships combined to form a fleet with the aircraft carrier acting as the core of the fleet.

At this moment in time, there were three aircraft carriers docked on the sea near the coast of Skysea City, and there were only six carrier-based vanguard groups in the entire federation. These three carrier-based vanguard groups had been prepared for the imminent war that was about to be instigated against the other two continents, and all of them had been fitted with the best equipment.

Who could've anticipated that someone would dare to unleash an attack at a time like this? Furthermore, they had used a taboo weapon in the form of a ninth-grade soul missile.

Seawater surged forth violently to strike against the shore, and it was as if doomsday had arrived. A fierce energy storm was wreaking havoc at the center of the ocean, and Tang Wulin had experienced the power of a ninth-grade soul missile for himself back at Shrek Academy, so he was naturally well aware of just how fearsome these weapons were.

As for Godslayer missiles, even the ancient Golden Tree and all of the most powerful beings of Shrek Academy had been unable to contain its explosion; that was the most terrifying part about human technology.

There were even researchers who had stated that with the current rate at which technology was advancing, humans would eventually die out to their own technology.

Ninth-grade soul missiles had been invented as early as 10,000 years ago, but extremely few ninth-grade soul missiles had actually been detonated, so they were definitely extremely important weapons. There was even a stretch of several thousand years where not even a single missile of this caliber had been used, yet Tang Wulin had witnessed its power in person on two occasions in just a few years; he really did have godawful luck...

In contrast with Tang Wulin's astonishment, Long Yuxue was experiencing a completely different type of emotion.

A doomsday-like scenario was unfolding before her eyes with enormous waves and terrifying energy storms, but she was being held by a pair of strong and reliable arms.

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