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The Dragonslaying Saber struck the huge bell in a vicious manner, and the saber was repelled in the end, but the dark green bell instantly took on a nine-colored hue. At the same time, a prominent crack had appeared on its surface, and nine colored light was rapidly expanding from within the crack.

Na Nali let loose a howl of agony, and the bell abruptly shrank before fleeing into the darkness as a streak of dark green light, leaving the Dark Phoenix Douluo to fend for herself.

Tang Wulin drifted down onto the ground while holding the Dragonslaying Saber before throwing up a mouthful of blood.

Light flashed, and the Dragonslaying Saber reverted back into Sima Jinchi, who immediately reached out to support Tang Wulin. "Are you alright, Master?"

Tang Wulin shook his head in response. "I'm fine. Those soundwave attacks sure were powerful, though."

Indeed, if a normal Soul Sage had been in his shoes, those devastating soundwaves would've been enough to destroy their target both physically and spiritually.

Zang Xin was controlling his own domain while keeping an eye on Tang Wulin's battle, and he nodded in approval at the sight that he was greeted by. Tang Wulin had truly grown up. With his friends by his side, they were already powerful enough to face the truly powerful beings of the Soul Master world. If it weren't for the fact that his suit of three-word battle armor was far from complete, he most likely would've been able to hold off Na Nali for a very long time even without having to resort to this soul fusion skill.

What was even more important was that his rate of development was far too rapid. During the short time that they had spent in Skysea City, Zang Xin could sense noticeable changes in Tang Wulin even if they were only apart for a few days. After cultivating for so many years, he had well and truly entered the fast lane when it came to his progression. At this rate, he would definitely become a Titled Douluo within the next few years, and by then, he would truly be worthy of his titles as the Sea God's Pavilion Master and Tang Sect Master.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath while releasing his spiritual power into the distance in case Na Nali were to return.

His internal organs had been somewhat damaged from the soundwave attacks, but they had already mostly recovered during this brief period of rest. In terms of self-regenerative ability, he was already comparable to his Senior Disciple Brother, A'Ruheng.

Even though he hadn't completely mastered the congenital secret method yet, his Golden Dragon King bloodline combined with the portion of the congenital secret method he had mastered already culminated to form a very terrifying product.

Sima Jinchi was right beside him, and he couldn't help but be stunned as he looked at Tang Wulin. Through their spiritual connection, he could sense just how quickly Tang Wulin was recovering from his internal injuries.

Meanwhile, Zang Xin had finally contro

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