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"What did they say?" Tang Wulin asked in a curious manner.

Wu Zhangkong replied, "I can only tell you that you were very fortunate compared to Wu Siduo and the others. The seniors have attributed the fate of the academy to a lack of power on our part, so they're going to make their training even more rigorous."

Even more rigorous? Tang Wulin shuddered upon hearing this. He was suddenly very thankful toward the Atlas Douluo. Thank heavens the Altas Douluo had sent them to the demonic island to undergo their military training already. Otherwise, they would be plunged into an even more horrendous situation!

"Teacher Wu, I'm going to see Elder Long now."

"Alright, go on. Make sure to look after yourself during your trip to the other two continents." Wu Zhangkong's cold eyes were tinged with hints of concern. In his eyes, Tang Wulin was no longer just a disciple but also a brother of sorts.

Wu Zhangkong had watched him grow and develop over the years, and he was extremely gratified to see that Tang Wulin had caught up to him in power.

During their last sparring match, he hadn't actually used his full power, and he had forfeited the match to instill Tang Wulin with greater confidence. Tang Wulin certainly hadn't disappointed him, either, and with the rapid improvements Tang Wulin had made, Wu Zhangkong truly wasn't confident in his ability to defeat him.

After entering deeper into the underground world and making use of a special access card, Tang Wulin arrived at the place where Elder Long was cultivating in seclusion, upon which he was immediately greeted by the sound of a dull rumbling dragon's roar.

His Golden Dragon King bloodline instantly began to churn in his veins, and he couldn't help but be in awe of Elder Long's unfathomable powers.

"Is that you, Wulin? Come in." Long Yeyue's voice rang out beside Tang Wulin's ears.


Long Yeyue was seated on a futon, and much to Tang Wulin's surprise, she currently appeared to only be around 20 years of age. Her long hair spilled down her shoulders, and her exquisitely beautiful features were complemented by the incessant dragon's roars to create a mystifying and alluring combination.

"Are you very surprised to see me like this?" Long Yeyue smiled before heaving a faint sigh as she said, "I'm no longer able to maintain my youthful appearance as that would expend more of my life force. Hence, the Long Yeyue you see all the time is a shriveled up old woman. Only during my cultivation when I'm stimulated by my soul power can my physical functions return to what they were like in my youth."

Her voice was tinged with a faint hint of sorrow, as well as reminiscence and yearning toward her younger days.

"You're still young, Elder Long. There are many spirit items in the Tang Sect's Ice Fire Yin Yang Well that can enhance one's life force; how about..." Tang Wulin suggested.

Long Yeyue shook her head in response. "I've already been to the Ice Fire

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