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During the past few months, Tang Wulin had spent the vast majority of his time and focus on heavenly refinement to produce suits of four-word battle armor for everyone. Once everyone's suits of four-word battle armor were completed, they would undergo a complete transformation.

As such, he hadn't trained together much with everyone else, and they had mostly all focused on their own cultivation.

Looking at things now, it seemed that his friends had evolved far faster than he imagined, and they would have to begin training together again soon.

"Did I do well, Boss?" Xie Xie asked with a smile.

Tang Wulin gave him a thumbs-up, yet just as Xie Xie was walking past him, he said, "I want to try that as well; let's spar together after we get back."

Xie Xie almost tripped over his own feet upon hearing this, and his smile instantly faded.

Assault system Soul Masters naturally suppressed agility attack system Soul Masters, and Tang Wulin was certainly no Jiang Zhanheng. His mental manifestation level spiritual power was going to be far more effective for detecting Xie Xie, and even more importantly, Xie Xie had an instinctive fear of Tang Wulin due to his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

"That's what you get for showing!" Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu chuckled in unison.

Xie Xie extended an insulting hand gesture toward Yue Zhengyu, then raised his head in a proud manner. In any case, he had completed his mission.

Right at this moment, the most portly of the Battle Gods stepped forward. This man's waist circumference most likely exceeded his height, and he wore a benevolent smile, reminding Tang Wulin and the others of Smiling Douluo Hu Jie.

He patted his own stomach, and said, "I heard that there's a member of your Shrek’s Seven Monsters with stuffed buns as their martial soul. My martial soul also has something to do with food; why don't we have a match together?"

This man was the 14th Battle God.

Xu Lizhi faltered slightly upon hearing this. It was outside of the normal conventions of the Battle God Hall for a Battle God to challenge a challenger. However, seeing as the proposal had already been made, there was no reason for him to back down. He took a glance at Tang Wulin, who gave him a nod of approval.

Xu Lizhi was still a support system Soul Master, but his cultivation had taken a rather interesting turn of late. Furthermore, the opponent was only the 14th Battle God, so Tang Wulin saw no issue in allowing Xu Lizhi to face him.

Thus, Xu Lizhi strode forward, and he was even fatter than his opponent.

"Xu Lizhi of Shrek Academy, please enlighten me."

The 14th Battle God replied, "14th Battle God of the Battle God Hall, Gluttony Douluo Ling Chen, please enlighten me."

"Gem?" Xu Lizhi faltered slightly upon hearing this.

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