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Ye Xinglan uttered the three words one after another with a pause in between each word, and with each word that was uttered, the sword projection emanating from the top of her Stargod Sword would elongate by three meters. As she swung the extremely heavy sword through the air, a galaxy seemed to have cascaded down from above, and even though the two of them were situated several hundred meters away from one another, the massive sword projection reached Sima Jinchi in a flash.

Sima Jinchi's expression changed slightly, and he immediately swept his Dragonslaying Saber upward without any hesitation.

The anguished howls of giant dragons erupted throughout the heavens, while the sword projection that was the Sword Star Soul came crashing down like a terrifying galaxy. The match hadn't been progressing for a very long time, yet the final flash had already commenced.

In the instant that the saber soul and sword soul came into contact with one another, the sky was suddenly torn apart, and the entire competition platform began to tremor violently. Immediately thereafter, a massive black vortex appeared at the center of their clash. Countless stars were being devoured, and the anguished dragon howls also ceased.

All of the spectators looked on with bated breath, and in the next instant, a sound that was akin to that of the entire world being shattered rang out.

The ground was pulverized, and several dozens of massive gashes suddenly appeared at the center of the competition platform.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

A string of resounding booms rang out as countless streaks of light were shattered in the air.

Sharp sword projections and violent saber projections clashed with all their might on the competition platform.

Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan were completely flabbergasted as they stared at the soul screen before them.

"Is, is she already this powerful? Is that a sword soul?"Xu Xiaoyan was staring blankly at the flurry of lights that had spread across the entire screen.

Yue Zhengyu's hands had already unconsciously clenched into tight fists. He had said to Xu Xiaoyan that his loss to Phantom King wasn't entirely a matter of back luck, but in his heart, he naturally couldn't shake the thought that he'd been robbed of a place in the final elimination stages simply due to the fact that his opponent had been luckier than him.

However, that thought had been completely banished by him now. If he had possessed absolute power, so what if his opponent was luckier than him?

As he watched the battle between Ye Xinglan and Sima Jinchi, he had only one thought in his mind; he had to become more powerful! He was a direct lineal descendent of the Holy Angel clan; he couldn't be left behind by his friends no matter what!

He abruptly rose to his feet before taking a deep breath. "I'm going to cultivate!"

He then immediately turned and left.

Xu Xiaoyan glanced at the screen, then at the departing Yue Zhengyu, and she al

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