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His Bluesilver Impaling Array struck empty air, and at the same time, light flashed from Bubble King's mecha. The massive bubble detached itself from its body, hurtling directly toward Tang Wulin like a gargantuan soul bomb. Tang Wulin could clearly see that one bubble after another was being produced within the huge bubble, and these bubbles were constantly expanding before fusing with the original outermost bubble. The massive bubble then began to turn red.

This thing really was being used as a soul bomb!

Tang Wulin took a deep breath before raising the left arm of his mecha, and a burst of golden light appeared as his Golden Dragon Spear emerged in the mecha's grasp before being hurled forth without any hesitation.

He had to pop that bubble!

The Golden Dragon Spear flew through the air like a bolt of golden lightning, and as it passed through the bubble, a string of loud booms rang out in rapid succession in its wake.

Tang Wulin could see one layer of bubble explode after another, and resulting shockwaves proliferated outward, encompassing close to half of the competition platform. He was situated quite far away from the epicenter of the explosion, but his mecha was still sent flying through the air, and he could imagine just how fearsome that bubble would've been had it landed on his mecha.

However, before the residual shockwaves of the explosions had completely died down, Bubble King's mecha appeared soundlessly in front of Tang Wulin once again, and it had done so in a very bizarre manner.

In the wake of the explosions, Bubble King's mecha had hurtled down toward the ground within a giant bubble in order to evade the shockwaves. As soon as the bubble landed on the ground, it sprang up like a gigantic rubber ball, propelling it up into the air around twice as fast as when it had crashed into the ground, thereby immediately launching it toward Tang Wulin.

Thus, the huge bubble quickly expanded in Tang Wulin's field of view as it approached him, and he was quite stunned by the versatility of his opponent's bubbles.

A serious expression appeared on his face as he thrust his spear forward, and a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines wound themselves around his spear. At the same time, a tremendous burst of spear intent also erupted forth. He wasn't taking any evasive measures, and he didn't even seem to be afraid of being enveloped by the bubble; he was merely thrusting his spear forward with unstoppable force.

The two instantly collided, and the spearhead plunged into the bubble, causing it to cave in. The bubble immediately tried to engulf Tang Wulin's mecha, but it was kept at bay by a series of Bluesilver Emperor vines. Meanwhile, a spear projection erupted from the tip of Tang Wulin's spear to try and forcibly pop the bubble.

Another bubble was released from Bubble King's body, fusing with the outermost bubble from the inside, and the two mechas were situated extremely close to one another, separat

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