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The opponents that he was going to face next would only become more and more powerful, and some things were simply out of his control, such as luck.

When Tang Wulin appeared on the competition platform of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition again, he was rendered completely speechless at the sight of his opponent.

The battle net had blurred their faces, and his opponent didn't have any distinctive or remarkable physical attributes, but he still instantly managed to identify her, just as Yuanen Yehui had most definitely also recognized him.

Tang Wulin's quarterfinal opponent was Yuanen Yehui.

Among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Ye Xinglan had been eliminated by Sima Jinchi in the previous round, so they were the only two left in this competition, and after this round, there would only be one remaining.

All of their friends' eyes also widened as they stared at this matchup on their screens. What terrible luck this was!

Yuanen Yehui was looking at Tang Wulin from across the competition platform. They had been separated for a few months already; who would've thought that they'd be reunited as opponents?

Even though only less than half a year had passed, he seemed to have changed considerably. He hadn't exactly grown or developed physically in any noticeable way, but as she appraised him from afar, she was struck by the same feeling she'd felt when facing Dragon King Long Yue in the Star Luo Empire. This was the feeling of facing an insurmountable and invincible opponent.

Was he already this powerful? Just what kind of changes had he undergone during these past few months? She had already reached rank 70 in her soul power and could progress to the Soul Sage level anytime she wanted, but why was it that she was sensing such immense pressure from him, even though his aura clearly suggested that he was still only a Soul Emperor?

Tang Wulin was also appraising Yuanen Yehui with a hint of astonishment in his eyes. Compared to a few months ago, Yuanen Yehui's aura was now a lot more ethereal. It was as if she were almost blending into the space around her just by standing there, as if her presence barely existed. However, he could also sense an intriguing type of intent fluctuations emanating from her body, and it seemed to suggest that she could shatter space at will.

She was different from before. That was the first thought that sprang into Tang Wulin's mind.

If they were in the real world, Tang Wulin would be quite reluctant to face Yuanen Yehui in her current form as he'd be afraid that he wouldn't be able to restrain himself. In her current state, he had a feeling that he wouldn't be able to defeat her unless he fought with all his might.

Thankfully, this was the Star Battle Net, and they could display their abilities and battle without any qualms or inhibitions.

This was a good opportunity for him to examine how much his friends had improved during their military stints thus far.

Tang Wu

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