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The golden storm had appeared far too abruptly, and it felt as if it were about to shred the entire space. The competition platform tremored violently, and to all of the spectators, it looked as if the space were about to collapse. It was undoubtedly the case that this attack was already extremely close to the full-power attack of a three-word battle armor master.

Tang Wulin's lean and muscular upper body was revealed, and it was covered entirely in golden scales. The violent beating of his dragon core was clearly audible even to the spectators, and the immense blood essence fluctuations emanating from his body were truly astonishing.

It was over!

That's right, Yuanen Yehui never reappeared; she simply vanished along with that gate of light. However, Tang Wulin wasn't exactly in a fantastic situation, either. There were many cracks running through the scales over his body, and those cracks were quite harrowing to behold. In the aftermath of that massive explosion, his body was quickly covered in blood, all of which was his own blood!

He was panting heavily, and in that instant, almost all of his energy had been sapped away.

Yuanen Yehui really had put up a very good fight!

At this moment, his eyes were filled with astonishment and excitement. Never did he think that Yuanen Yehui would've already developed to such a degree. He was still trying to test her out, yet she had unleashed extremely fearsome offensive prowess to almost kill him on the spot.

Even with his suit of two-word battle armor and his insanely powerful physical constitution, he was almost unable to withstand the attack. In the end, he had to sacrifice his suit of battle armor, as well as all of his soul power and bloodline power to unleash his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion before he was finally able to turn the tables.

Even so, that powerful punch had left an extremely profound impression on him. This was the first time that he had been reduced to such a sorry state throughout the course of the entire competition.

Despite the fact that Ye Xinglan had attained a sword soul, Yuanen Yehui's current power level was most definitely well above hers. Furthermore, only now was Tang Wulin made aware of the fact that Yuanen Yehui's main martial soul was actually her Fallen Angel, as opposed to her Titan Giant Ape.

The main reason why that had been such a close battle was because he had been too conservative and held back his power, but this was still sufficient testament to the fact that Yuanen Yehui had attained an extremely high level of combat prowess; how could Tang Wulin not be excited to see that his friends had become so powerful?


"Phew!" Yue Zhengyu exhaled as he appraised the bruised and battered Tang Wulin on the screen. He slowly rose to his feet, and there was an extremely determined look in his eyes.

"Xiaoyan, I'm going to begin the second stage of the holy cleansing ceremony."


Ye Xinglan was staring a

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