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Tang Wulin was sure that his opponent would've surveyed his battle footage in the past, so he had to be aware of Tang Wulin's strength. As such, there was no way that he would decide to fight fire with fire.

His opponent's spear techniques were simply far too fast. Tang Wulin was trying to evade with all his might using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, but this was a mecha, after all, so it still wasn't as agile as a human body. As such, it was still struck a few times by his opponent's spear. However, if his opponent wanted to continue in his attack, then he'd be struck by Tang Wulin's sweeping spear, and it was up to him to weigh up his options. Tang Wulin was unleashing an attack that his opponent had to defend against.

Following so many rounds of mecha battles, Tang Wulin had accumulated far more combat experience than before, so he definitely wasn't going to be holding back in critical situations.

As expected, Number 68 immediately reacted to Tang Wulin's oncoming spear strike, controlling his mecha to leap backward. However, at the same time, he raised his spear and evaded Tang Wulin's attack before plunging the tip of his own spear into the ground.

Blue light flashed, and the ground beneath the feet of Tang Wulin's mecha was instantly transformed into a patch of smooth ice. That's right, it was ice, and on a surface like this, it would be very difficult for a mecha to exert any power into the ground. Meanwhile, the opposing mecha had already risen up into the air before unleashing a vast expanse of spear projection that cut off virtually all avenues of evasion for Tang Wulin.

The ice on the ground didn't really affect Tang Wulin's mecha if he were to do nothing but stand on the spot, but if he wanted to move, then he would most definitely be affected. At the same time, countless spear projections were raining down on him from above, making it impossible for his mecha to take flight. It had to be said that this tactic from Number 68 was a very damaging one, and if it were to succeed, Tang Wulin would be placed at an absolute disadvantage.

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed slightly as he controlled his own mecha to squat down. However, as opposed to attempting to spring up into the air, he was simply doing this to reduce the exposed surface area of his mecha. At the same time, he thrust his spear upward, and rather than unleashing a large number of spear projection, this was only a single spear strike.

A platinum spear projection erupted from the tip of Tang Wulin's spear, whistling through the air and looking as if it were about to puncture the very heavens itself.

Powerful spear intent combined with fierce blood essence fluctuations to create an absolutely devastating attack.

Number 68's heart jolted upon seeing this. He had originally thought that Tang Wulin had controlled his mecha to squat down in order to minimize its exposed surface area, so he had attacked with even greater ferocity. However, what he

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