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Even with Ma Shan's powers, he was unable to progress beyond the round-robin stage. One had to realize that he was a two-word battle armor master who was also an eight-ring Soul Douluo! He only needed to complete his suit of three-word battle armor before he could become a three-word battle armor master.

Even so, Ma Shan still lost two matches in the round-robin stage and failed to progress to the final 16.

In terms of overall power, the group that Tang Wulin was a part of was one of the weaker groups, but he was still considered to be a hot favorite due to the strange and powerful abilities he'd displayed. No one knew what his true cultivation rank was as he was always able to hide it using the disguise skills he'd learned on the demonic island.

Every single match, the colors and numbers of his soul rings were constantly changing, and that was one of the main talking points surrounding him.

Of course, there were some familiar faces who had also made it to the top 16, two of which he was extremely familiar with...


Ye Xinglan sat within her silent cultivation chamber with her legs crossed and her eyes closed. Even though she was meditating, there was still an indescribably sharp aura emanating from her body.

Her blue military uniform indicated that she was currently part of the navy, and the two bars and two stars on each of her epaulets reflected a lieutenant colonel military rank.

She and Xu Lizhi had made it into this navy after passing the new soldier selection trials with their own powers. This was the Eastsea Fleet, which was widely renowned as the invincible fleet, and it was also the most powerful fleet in the entire federation.

In terms of overall numbers, the Eastsea Legion didn't have many more soldiers than the Northsea Legion. However, the Northsea Legion couldn't even begin to compare with the overall powers of the soldiers here, as well as the equipment they'd been given.

The soldiers here were truly the elites of the elites.

Standing behind the Eastsea Legion was the federation's Battle God Hall, and the commander of the legion was a general, so he was truly one of the most powerful and influential beings in the entire military.

The mantra of the Eastsea Legion was very simple; one's power determined their rank. As long as one was powerful enough, it was very easy for them to be promoted multiple ranks at a time. No one dared to do anything shady or out of line under the supervision of the Battle God Hall. Furthermore, among all of the legions in the federation, the Eastsea Legion was the one that revered individual power the most. Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi had both disguised themselves before joining the legion and participating in the trial.

A six-ring food system Soul Master was naturally instantly held in extremely high regard, and when they'd first arrived at the legion, Xu Lizhi had actually been held in even higher regard than Ye Xinglan. The reason for that was very sim

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