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Jiang Wuyue faltered slightly as he pondered the situation with furrowed brows. "It does indeed seem like it'll be quite difficult; the other semifinalists are not going to be easy opponents."

Jiang Qiyue continued, "Hence, like I said, making it into the top four is already enough, and it doesn't matter if he loses now. He's become extremely popular, and those in the legion expressing outrage over the fact that he became a Blood God at such a young age are having to eat their words. I think we should be worrying about the former Blood Nine; I wonder if the Blood God Legion will make an extra Blood God berth based on Wulin's exceptional performance."

Jiang Wuyue said, "I still have some confidence in Wulin; that guy isn't human! Did you know that even if he lets me beat him up, I'm the one who gets worn out in the end? I think he has a chance of becoming the final champion, especially in the Soul Master battle discipline."

Jiang Qiyue countered, "You think so? The next opponent he's going to face is a top-tier powerful being who has already attained a saber soul. He's renowned across the entire federation as one of the trump cards of the Southern Legion, and it's said that if it weren't for his horrible personality and reputation, he would've become a three-word battle armor master long ago."

Jiang Wuyue's expression changed slightly. "Indeed, Wulin is going to have a very hard time against Wild Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi. However, I think he still has chances. After all, he also has his spear intent."

Jiang Qiyue pursed her lips. "How can intent compare with soul?"

Jiang Wuyue harrumphed, "How about we make a bet, then?"

Jiang Qiyue chuckled, "What are we betting?"

Jiang Wuyue suggested, "You've always wanted a Blackspirit Shield for your mecha, right? If I lose, I'll pay for the shield, but if I win, you have to convince Yuxue to accompany me for at least a meal, how about that? The subject of our bet is whether Wulin can defeat Sima Jinchi."

Jiang Qiyue's eyes immediately lit up. "Alright, I'll take you up on that bet!"

At this moment, Long Yuxue was sitting inside her dormitory looking, silently watching the soul screen hanging on her wall and waiting for the semifinals of the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition to begin. Completely unbeknownst to her, she had just been sold out by her best friend.

There was still half an hour until the commencement of the semifinals. Can he win?

Long Yuxue was feeling rather nervous. She still harbored very complex emotions toward Tang Wulin. After coming back that day, she was lost and disoriented for a long time. She knew that she had absolutely zero chance with him, but she still couldn't help but keep tabs on him, not because she still harbored any hope, but because at the very least, when she was focusing her attention on him, she could temporarily forget the pain in her heart.

She had always revered power even as a little girl, and she ha

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