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Xu Xiaoyan sighed, "I didn't want to dent your confidence, but I think it's best for you to see the reality. I've watched Boss's recent battle footage during the finals, and you should take a look later as well. He's different now."

"Different how?" Yue Zhengyu asked in a curious manner.

Xu Xiaoyan replied, "He's so badass now that I find myself wondering if he's even still the same guy anymore. Do you think we're the only ones who have been making breakthroughs? If you ask me, Boss had definitely also made breakthroughs of his own, and they're all extremely significant breakthroughs."

Instead of being disheartened as Xu Xiaoyan imagined that he would be, a smile appeared on his face. "This is how it should be! This is why he's our captain, and he's always been able to create miracles. In the future, he's going to lead us to create the biggest miracle there ever was, so how could he not be improving? I'm really looking forward to facing him again someday. No matter what happens, as the final seeds left behind by the academy, we have to do everything in our power to improve ourselves."


Almost all of the soul televisions had begun to broadcast matches from the Star Battle Net Inter-federation Competition, and countless people were sitting in front of their screens, awaiting the commencement of the upcoming match.

There was no age limit, and the only limits in place were that one had to be below the Titled Douluo level, and also below the three-word battle armor master stage. It was said that as the Star Battle Net continued to improve, even the most powerful Soul Masters on the entire continent would be able to participate in future editions of the competition.

It had to be said that this competition had been a resounding success and had made the entire federation aware of the Star Battle Net.

The final 16 only had numbers assigned to them, and each of them had their own odds.

All members of the general public could make bets for who the final champion was going to be, and the odds differed based on the performances of the participants in the prior stages of the competition.

This undoubtedly made the event even more popular, and just this betting segment alone was enough to earn the federation an enormous amount of money.

Number 33 had 1:4 odds, which were the third-highest odds.

His forte was his strength, his martial soul appeared to be some type of true dragon, his cultivation rank was currently unknown, and he possessed the ability to disguise his own soul rings. His projected soul power rank was around 70. During his past battles, he was always able to defeat his opponents in a very short time through explosive displays of power, and he'd been given the nickname of Golden Dragon King. He was one of the top favorites of the competition, and the only potential flaw that he had was that he potentially wouldn't be able to do well in prolonged battles.

It was generally the case that Soul Ma

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